Hospitals: How It Could Be

This piece was originally published by the Haringey Solidarity Group – in light of our previous post, we thought it would be useful to re-publish it here.

Hospitals are forever in the news. A fairly recent case was the Mid Staffs hospital crisis, but there are many others. Recently a friend was in hospital for a heart bypass only to be sent home as there wasn’t a spare bed! We seem to rely more on accountants than nurses with budgets prioritised over our health.

What would we do about it then? We would put nurses, doctors, and yes – porters and cleaners – at the centre of decision making. These are the people who know what’s happening on a hospital ward. Bring decision making down to a ward level where everybody has a say in how it works. Then representatives from each ward come together hospital-wide to decide what’s needed…

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Deliveroo couriers to strike in Bristol and London on February 1st, and events diary for February — Cautiously pessimistic


On Friday 1st February, Deliveroo couriers in Bristol will be striking for a range of demands. They’ve said that couriers in at least 5 cities will be taking part in the action, so far the only other one I’ve seen confirmed has been London. People in London are meeting up at Myddleton Square Gardens, EC1R […]

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Meeting with worker-comrade from Brazil

Angry Workers of the World

APTOPIX Brazil WCup ProtestsBrazil: A proletarian response to populism

Come join us in a presentation and discussion with a comrade from the Invisíveis group in Brazil. He will be talking about the work of his collective, their experiences in organising in their workplaces and local communitites, the general situation in Brazil after Bolsanaro’s election, and the question of addressing far-right views from a proletarian perspective.

MayDay Rooms
Thursday 14th February, 7pm

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Who’s Arming Turkey: The locations of arms industry companies in the UK that profit from Turkey’s war against the Kurds

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

have mapped the locations of companies in the UK who are supporting and arming Turkey’s war against Rojava and its own Kurdish population

who's arming turkey_page1who's arming turkey_page2

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