Incarcerated workers’ resources.

Nicked from the IWW Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee website


Gender & Sexuality

Groups & Organisations

  • Bent Bars Project The Bent Bars Project is a letter-writing project for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, gender-variant, intersex, and queer prisoners in Britain
  • Critical Resistance Pioneering US based group organising for prison abolition.
  • Sisters Inside Australian based group who work from an abolitionist perspective
  • The Anarchist Black Cross Federation Federation of groups supporting prisoners, political prisoners & prisoners of war

Health in Prisons/Medical Neglect

  • Treatment Industrial Complex A new report from the US on how for-profit corporations are undermining efforts to treat and rehabilitate prisoners for corporate gain.

Prison Abolition & Prison Alternatives

Prison Industrial Complex

Prison Labour

  • The Prison Works The Prison Works. Occasional texts on the roles of prison and prison labour By Joe Black/Bra Bros. Published by the Campaign Against Prison Slavery and Brighton Anarchist Black Cross

Prisoner Support

  • Life Without Prejudice Long term prisoner John Bowden asks what criteria could be used when supporting prisoners
  • On The Out A zine about life after prison, produced by Bristol ABC.

Recommended Books