Radical workers’ bloc at Tolpuddle 2017.

Wessex Solidarity

Not a lot to report this year, except a fine weekend catching up with friends – and a big shout out to Les once again for the Wob kitchen.

On Saturday there was a short discussion to mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution, which Leninist-apologists continue to identify with the Bolshevik power-grab and its agonising consequences, rather than the bold experiments in workers’ self-management that flourished briefly between February and October 1917. These were part of a revolutionary current that developed spontaneously on every continent in the early years of the last century. It had no need of party games or secretive professional revolutionaries. Your first idea is usually the best one but people have an unfortunate tendency to identify with leaders, especially ones that seem to have come out of nowhere (but have actually been peddling the same ideas for years). Just as they grasp the need to…

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Spirit of Mother Jones Festival Brochure published

The Spirit of Mother Jones Festival

The programme for the Spirit of Mother Jones Festival & Summer School 2017 is now available with the publication of the official brochure today (23rd June).

The programme covers a comprehensive range of events which will take place during the Festival and Summer School.  These will include lectures, music, film showing and commemorative events over the five days of 2017 event which runs from 1st to 5th August in the Shandon area of Cork city.

You can download the 2017 brochure by clicking Mother Jones Cork Programme 2017.

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Early July round-up of workplace and repression news

The Fourth Star: The New Junior Wobblies and the Next Generation of Union Militants, by Sadie Farrell and M.K. Lees

Institute for Anarchist Studies

Several factors played into our collective decision not to run a print issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory for the current year. We sincerely thank all inquiries and submissions sent for what was hoped to be an issue on Play. A call out for submissions for a Beyond The Crisis print issue of Perspectives (2018) will be announced shortly. 

This is an article written by two Wobblies in response to our call for Play essays. These organizers bridge the gap between play and the practice of organizing skills via educational skits and fun activities led by the New Junior Wobblies, the young members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

The IWW globe logo holds three stars representing Education, Organization and Emancipation. This article looks at Recreation – a  fourth star – from challenging uneven relations of power, to making joy central to organizing against capitalism, regardless of age. 

Shortly after…

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Dorset Bookfair Collective statement on Portfield Community Hall

Anarchy in the Sticks!

The idea of a Dorset Bookfair has been around for a couple of years, waiting for a suitable venue. When we came across Portfield Community Hall in the historic town of Christchurch, it seemed to offer everything we needed at a price we could afford. Being able to hold the afterparty there was a bonus.

The day was a great success; we caught up with many old friends and made new ones, Dog Section Press summed up the mood:

“Just want to say an enormous thank you to everyone at the Dorset Radical Bookfair Collective for putting on such a great event!

It was only the first one but it felt like it had been going for years, because the sense of solidarity was palpable. Really hope you do another one next year – we’d definitely come again!”

We got so much positive feedback we immediately sought to book a…

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