To Kill the Truth: exactly how thick and cynical is Jonathan Freedland?

Pamphlet: We want a new society – and don’t we need it!

Angry Workers of the World

GettyImages-1177970611_0The current system is in crisis, everyone can see this. What we cannot see is an alternative. We wrote this pamphlet for a discussion about alternatives. The first step is to understand where we are coming from, how the current system emerged. We then have to get to grips with how the system works, or rather, how it makes us work. There would be no alternative to this system if it would not show clear signs of crisis – so we have to know what actually causes this crisis. There would be no alternative if those who are exploited and oppressed would not have tried to fight for a better society. We have to learn from those who came before us. 

We don’t write this as experts. We write it as workers, who don’t just want to stare into the headlights of global events as victims. If we don’t…

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The media bias on antisemitism in the Left and Labour is now putting the lives of British Jewry at risk

Never forget who the real antifascists are!

Nadine Batchelor-Hunt

It was reported last week that far-right extremists are the “fastest growing problem” in domestic terrorism, with almost a third of plots discovered by security services as being based on “rightwing ideology”. The police have found “extreme Nazi death cults” radicalising children as young as 13, which is clearly a successful tactic given a 16 year old has been found plotting to bomb synagogues to “start a race war”. Yet, despite this this horrific proliferation of an ideology lethal to both Jews and other ethnic minorities, if you looked at the British press as a whole it would appear that it is actually the traditionally anti-racist Left or Labour that are the primary existential threat to British Jewry. In fact, suggesting otherwise has become so deeply controversial that many shy away from even discussing it, let alone writing about it; I cannot count the number of pitches…

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The life and death of Ivan Khutorskoy, antifascist. #memory161

Wessex Solidarity

Ivan ‘Vanya Kostolom’ Khutorskoy, was a skinhead, a lawyer, a talented martial artist and a fearless antifascist. As we approach the tenth anniversary of his assassination in Moscow on the 16th November 2009, here is some biographical material from his friends and comrades.

Libcom article: A gentle bonecrusher – The life and death of Ivan Khutorskoy

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Fellow Worker : Barry Pateman reviews Cole, Struthers, and Zimmer, Wobblies of the World

Anarchy in the Sticks!


Formed in June 1905 at a Chicago conference, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) immediately set out to break up the existing American labour landscape.

In his opening address to the conference William D. ‘Big Bill’ Haywood of the Western Federation of Miners stated that ‘We are here to confederate the workers of this country into a working class movement that shall have as its purpose the emancipation of the working class from the slave bondage of capitalism’. The Preamble to the IWW made it clear that ‘The working class and the employing class have nothing in common’. As well as taking aim at American capitalism the conference also attacked what delegates saw as the inadequacy of the American Federation of Labor (AFL), the principal American labour organization of the period. As a craft-based organisation, the AFL, by design or default, excluded the majority of American workers from…

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FACTORY OCCUPATION! Temporary and permanent Honda workers in Manesar, India

Angry Workers of the World


The global undercurrents of class struggle are not always immediately visible. We see waves of protests erupting in Chile, Honduras, Iraq and Lebanon, which don’t refer to each other in any obvious ways. While there might not be any conscious mass communication between these movements (yet), we can reasonably assume that they are more than just the result of economic downturns, the global ripples of which have impacted negatively on working class consumption. 

These struggles take clues from each other, as past examples have shown us. Do you remember the striking migrant warehouse workers from north Africa who blocked a TNT depot in Italy during the so-called Arab spring, shouting “Down with Mubarak, down with the bosses?” They felt that if the poor can take on a police state ‘at home’ they would surely be able to take on a global logistics company. Do you remember the Maruti Suzuki…

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Retail hell

Two retail outlets and two stories of forcing staff to accept contracts that worsen their working conditions. There’s this: Asda staff who refused to sign new contracts will lose their jobs on 3 November and also this: Wilko contract changes ‘force staff to choose between childcare and livelihoods’. It’s a pretty safe bet that you wouldn’t have to look too far to find other retailers screwing over their workers with new contracts that promote more ‘flexible’ working practices.

Behind the thin veneer of bullshit surrounding the word ‘flexible’, it’s all too obvious that it’s the retailers holding the whip and the workers who have to comply or get out. It matters nothing to the retailers that their workers may have caring responsibilities or other jobs they have to fit into an already complex life. If the workers aren’t prepared to jump as and when ordered by the bosses, regardless of…

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