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Gearing up for August 21: US prisoner updates

Cautiously pessimistic

As the August 21 US-wide prison strike approaches, authorities across the country are stepping up repressive measures against inmates who are seen as organisers.

In Ohio, Imam Hasan’s hunger strike has entered a second week, and Greg Curry reports that a spontaneous work stoppage broke out, and he’s asking people to challenge the conditions he’s held in:

“Meanwhile, the low wage cops harassing us looking to create problems. So Enough prisoners that recognized this decided to start protest that include refusing to work! of course the cops went to there SPECIAL INMATES to get them to cross the Pickett line but that was frowned upon so the pod is looking like we’re HELD AGAINST OUR WILL! IMAGINE THAT…

I need people to call the BUREAU OF CLASSIFICATION, MR. WITTRUP. Ask him why am I being held on a disciplinary version of population without the full privileges of…

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Bakkavor Factory Newsletter no.4

Angry Workers of the World


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Bakkavor Bulletin 4 English

Bakkavor Bulletin 4 Gujarati

Bakkavor Bulletin 4 Tamil

When will our next pay rise come???

Everyone wants higher wages. We work hard but it is always disappointing when we open our weekly payslip. After the last pay deal, workers were divided into skill levels. Many people filed a grievance to argue that they deserve the higher pay grade. Hundreds of workers across all the Bakkavor Park Royal sites did this. It is a good sign that people took this step to demand more. But in order to be successful we need actions that create more unity and strength amongst us.

What actions create unity?

* Many of the grievances about peoples’ pay grade based on their skill level have still not happened. And when they are eventually heard it will only be for workers to argue their case on an individual level, that they…

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The fascists are instruments of the State – Peter Gelderloos


  1. Fascism is widespread in many industrial and post-colonial countries, and exists in the form of extreme nationalism, neo-Nazism, or some other extreme authoritarianism. In almost all cases, the commons and currents of fascist movements tend to be dispossessed members of a privileged group in society (eg poor whites). In pre-World War II Germany, the majority of working-class Germans were impoverished by the Depression, in contrast to their self-image as a rich and powerful nation. In modern Germany, neo-Nazi political parties get most of the votes, often more than 10% of the total, in states where unemployment is highest. In the US, poor southern whites who do not enjoy the wealth promised to the white people of the richest nation on earth, they often join the Ku Klux Klan.In Rwanda, the Hutus, impoverished and in great need of land, expressed their desire for more wealth and…

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Leukaemia on the dole – a guest blog

scottish unemployed workers' network


Last April I took a job in Airdrie, with a good salary, paying over £100 per day. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with Leukaemia two days into the job and hospitalised. UC deducted £145 from my monthly payment for those two days’ work (for which I had received £229 Gross). After I’d paid for travel and lunches I ended up about £10 per day better off in work – while suffering from cancer and having to make a 2 hour commute each way. The £145 deduction is equivalent to approximately two weeks’ UC payment, so I lost two weeks’ benefit for working just two days. The whole system is fucked and caused me great stress at a time when I least needed it.

Things have calmed down a bit now, after help from the staff at the Macmillan Trust’s Maggie Centre and my doctors in the chemotherapy ward, but not without…

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Temporary work tangles in Universal Credit

scottish unemployed workers' network


Blair, who we met this week, lost his job some weeks back and is still waiting for his first payment of Universal Credit. He is also young and fit and responded to an advertisement for a picking job at a local fruit farm. When he rang them he was surprised to be asked about his nationality and whether he spoke English. The farm never got back to him.

As we explained in last week’s post on the use of migrant labour for berry picking, Blair doesn’t fit fruit-farming’s current business model. This relies on a labour force that will put up with pressured conditions without complaint, because if they are sacked they will be left without anything in a foreign country, and because the pay they are getting is worth more when they get back to Eastern Europe. Our blog was widely shared, but only one person mentioned doing recent…

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Rotting berries are the result of rotten employment practices

scottish unemployed workers' network


Last week the papers duly reported farmers’ complaints that lack of migrant labour was forcing them to leave berries rotting in the Angus and Perthshire fields; so I thought I would look and see if any jobs were actually being advertised to unemployed people locally. The DWP website, ‘Find a job’, produced just one result for pickers near Arbroath. This appears to be the same farm that is advertising on Total Jobs, where it states ‘own transport is essential’. Total Jobs also has an advertisement for nightshift berry pickers in Blairgowrie, again specifying own transport. And that seems to be it. Otherwise, a Google search for fruit picking jobs in Scotland only turns up advertisements aimed at people from Eastern Europe, who are expected to arrange their working visit long in advance. These recruitment sites stress the hard labour involved and are often aimed at young students. And now, with…

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