It’s a race to the bottom…

Uber drivers use apps that are supposed to geofence where they can and can’t operate. It’s come to light that for some reason, one of the apps used by drivers in Greater London includes Thurrock as well: Uber: Thurrock Council requests change to Greater London ‘geofence’.

Basically, this means any Greater London based drivers can come over the border into Thurrock looking for customers. Understandably, local taxi operators and drivers are less than happy about what they see as a direct threat to their livelihoods. There’s a suspicion that this is illegal. The issue was raised at a recent Thurrock Council meeting and they are looking into how this can be investigated.

The terms and conditions for Uber drivers are pretty dire and it’s not surprising that in order to get more custom, they end up engaging in practices such as plotting up in areas where there’s a question mark…

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Call from the Yellow Vests of Commercy to set up popular assemblies — Internationalist Commune


“We will not be ruled. We will not be divided and bought off.” NO TO RIP OFF! LONG LIFE DIRECT DEMOCRACY! NO NEED FOR REGIONAL ‘REPRESENTATIVES’! For nearly two weeks the movement of yellow vests has brought hundreds of thousands of people in the streets all over France, often for the first time. The price…

via Call from the Yellow Vests of Commercy to set up popular assemblies — Internationalist Commune

WorkersWildWest no.8

Angry Workers of the World

Screenshot 2018-11-30 at 16.45.20For pdf version click here: www8




PAGE 2: Give us our money! Update on Solidarity Network cases

PAGE 4: Work reports from London Linen and Skinny Bakery

PAGE 6: This mess we’re in – Part 3: Crisis 

PAGE 8: From the night shift at Bakkavor 

PAGE 10: Rebel City: News from LondonTown 

PAGE 12: NotTesco finest: what it’s like to work at the Greenford warehouse

PAGE 13: Updates on Amey, Wealmoor, Adelie

PAGE 15: System Article – Polish translation


We are a group of workers in west London, supporting each other with problems at work, job centres and landlords.There are no leaders in this network – we are independent and there is no money involved. Some of…

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Early December round-up of a few workplace struggles and other stories

IWW gets the goods for MPH/Amazon couriers!!

This was originally posted on the Industrial Workers of the World website. We’re reposting this because there’s an Amazon distribution facility in Tilbury and it’s relevant to the self-employed couriers working for them in the area we cover.

The London IWW branch were contacted recently by courier drivers who work for MPH England Ltd. in Kent who had their wages withheld by the agency!

These drivers have been working as self-employed courier drivers at a local Amazon parcel distribution centre. The drivers hire their vehicles from MPH England Ltd, and are often working long hours 7 days a week delivering packages to customers of the multi-national giant.

The IWW were contacted after the MPH England tried to withhold three weeks wages for one of the drivers, along with a total of £560 and £670 for alleged damages in two other cases! After receiving contact, the IWW swept into action, contacting…

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Support Dorset Eye – Independent Citizen Media

Wessex Solidarity


Dorset Eye is a vital resource for communities and activists, providing local, regional and international voices on a wide range of topics determined by the public. Since 2012 thousands of people have contributed news and analysis to a website that is unique in the UK, supporting local democracy, defending public services and keeping a close “Eye” on those with authority and influence.We aim provide an empowering democratic experience, so the website is run entirely by volunteers operating on a not-for-profit basis. The site is clean of corporate advertising: content is at the centre of the media experience. With growing costs and ambitious plans to become a model that can compete with the corporate media we need a significant increase in resources, especially through financial support.

What they say about Dorset Eye:

Debbie Monkhouse, Defend Dorset NHS:

“Dorset Eye covers the news that really matters to us here and…

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The DWP blame game

scottish unemployed workers' network

cartoon trimmed

This image sums up the official DWP position that success or failure is a personal responsibility, and nothing to do with objective circumstances, such as a lack of suitable jobs. Along with other similar cartoons it now decorates the entrance lobby of Dundee Jobcentre.

I wonder if the people who copied and laminated it and pinned it to the board (alongside coloured inspirational stars) stopped to think that it might also sum up how those who developed the Universal Credit system regard them –the people who have to administer it. While some jobcentre advisors are better – or worse – than others, the serious problems lie in the system, rather than with the overstretched, undertrained people who are expected to make it work – and to believe in this rubbish. But the DWP stubbornly refuses to take any responsibility for creating a system so ill-conceived and poorly implemented that not…

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