Pregnant? – then you can wait for Universal Credit

scottish unemployed workers' network

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When Jan was 32 weeks pregnant she was told to move from ESA to Universal Credit. As a result, due to the delayed first payment, for her final weeks of pregnancy and early weeks of motherhood she will be on short rations. When Jan told us this we thought we should find out what was going on, and how many other new mothers might be affected. This is what we have learnt.

If you live in a Universal Credit Full Service area, as here in Dundee, then every new claim for a means-tested working-age benefit will be in the Universal Credit system.

If you are pregnant and on JSA, then you will have no choice but to change benefit. When you start getting maternity pay you are no longer looking for work, so no longer entitled to JSA. In the past you could apply for Income support; now, if you…

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The 10th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair! 12th May 2018

Anarchy by the Sea!

City Academy, Russel Town Avenue, Bristol, BS5 9JH

We have seen the future, friends! It consists of a world where beasts of all shapes, sizes and colours happily roam the lands together, where creatures morph their bodies at will and freely celebrate their gender identity. Work is abolished on this world, and the ashes that formerly made up today’s prisons and banks are used to fertilise plants that grow vegan burgers and chips!

Right now it’s 2018 and capitalism continues to rage like the venomous monster it is, and everyday we are bombarded with tales of the carnage that it creates. Thankfully, amongst this carnage, amazing creatures all over the world are rearing their heads, defying the state and fighting the hierarchies that oppress them. Come to Bristol on May 12th for the 10th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair to hear about other beings’ struggles and gather the skills and knowledge needed…

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SYLVIA PANKHURST – Autonomy Film Show in Bridport Sunday 4th March

Wessex Solidarity

For several years Autonomy showed alternative films in Bridport on a monthly basis. We have come back together now because one of our group has been seriously ill triggering loss of earnings and expensive adaptations to his home for a wheelchair. This event is to raise funds to help with these costs.

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‘We own your son’ – another stall report

scottish unemployed workers' network


The Work Programme may be winding down, but Triage seem determined to continue to toy with and torment those still completing their two-year stints. When we met Jane and her son at this week’s stall, she told us that Triage employees had even come and chapped on her door to inform her that until his time on the programme came to an end they ‘owned’ her son. She was actually less concerned by this dangerously warped thinking and intrusive behaviour than by the fact that, while he was stuck in the useless clutches of Triage, he was not allowed to go to other organisations that might be able to provide him with some real help in his search for work.

John informed us that he had been sanctioned for missing an appointment due to being at a job interview. He had even gone to the jobcentre to warn them, but…

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Invitation to Dorset Radical Bookfair 2018.

Anarchy by the Sea!

Dorset’s second Radical Bookfair will take place on Saturday 4th August 2018 at Beaufort Community Centre, Beaufort Rd, Bournemouth BH6 5LB (Nearest railway station is Pokesdown). All rooms have access for disabled people.


We invite applications for stalls from individuals, non-hierarchical groups and campaigns, grassroots unions, independent and non-commercial booksellers, artists, publishers and distributors. Priority will be given to those active in class struggle, antifascism, anti-oppression, environmentalism and mutual aid. No political parties please.

Stalls are £15 each in the main hall, we had to raise the price because this venue is significantly more expensive than last year but it has more space. In the unlikely event that we have any spare tables we’ll do our best to share them out on the basis of need. Setup from 9:30, open to public at 11:00.  There is a large car park at the venue.


We’d appreciate suggestions for talks…

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Anarchist Union Reverses Firings at Port of Barcelona Through Militant Strike

Industrial Workers of the World

IWW International Solidarity Commission

Dockworkers and members of the CNT, a revolutionary anarchist union in Spain, have won a complete victory after just 1 day on strike, forcing the company to rehire 3 workers it had attempted to fire.

Causes of the Strike, Context

The CNT branch at the Port of Barcelona called for a 3-day strike beginning on February 15th in order to force the company to re-hire 3 of its members who had been fired for refusing to do work outside of their job description. After just 1 day on strike, they have forced the company to cave.

The company and the union had previously come to a preliminary agreement to…

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