CALLOUT: 24 Hour email campaign to target wage-stealing boss

24-hour email campaign to the Smallford Residents Association Monday 26th January Facebook Event.

Send an email to smallford [dot] res [at] btinternet [dot] com and info [at] smallford [dot] org

Complete the contact form here 

NOTES: Please read

  1. The Smallford Residents’ Association is not the enemy. Keep it polite. One email per person is fine.
  2. DO NOT make any phone calls, ONLY send emails to the email addresses listed above.

Email text:

Hi, I’m writing to ask you to clarify the relationship between the Smallford Residents’ Association and Craig Tallents. According to your website, Mr. Tallents was or is an officer in the SRA. I hope this is no longer the case.

Craig Tallents is the owner of the Leicester Square School of English. Over the Christmas holidays he permanently closed down the school without informing staff or students. He now owes – and is refusing to pay – his staff thousands of pounds in unpaid wages.

Perhaps worse, Mr. Tallents took money for accommodation and lessons from students even after he knew the school would be in no position to offer either. This means newly arrived international students came to a closed school having no accommodation, no lessons, no advice and no help. Shameful!

More information on Mr. Tallent’s despicable actions can be found here:

And here:

I assume you find this as shocking as I do, so I am requesting you share this information with the Smallford Residents’ Association.




Workers at the Leicester Square School of English have been in a battle with their wage stealing boss, Craig Tallents, for nearly a month now.

Tallents, the owner of the Leicester Square School of English, permanently shut down the school without informing staff or students. Staff are owed thousands of pounds in unpaid wages resulting from illegal contracts, lack of notice and holiday pay, and illegal denial of paternity pay.

So far, staff and supporters have occupied the unused school building, caused Tallents to resign as governor from the Bancroft’s school, to take down the website of his company, Asparagus Consulting, and held a rowdy picket in Leicester Square.

Craig Tallents, a member of the Drapers Company and an ex-certified accountant, fancies himself a “management consultant.” The email campaign is to remind Craig he can’t hide behind liquidators – he needs to pay his staff now!


Action organised and supported by: The Industrial Workers of the World and The Angry Language Brigade

IWW Picket Leicester Square School of English

Trade Onion by Jon Bigger

2015-01-17 13.03.03

London’s busy Leicester Square was the scene on Saturday for a picket organised by the IWW London general membership branch with the support of the Angry Language Brigade. The Leicester Square School of English (LSSE) was closed down over the Christmas period leaving workers out of work and out of pocket.

Workers decided to occupy the workplace in the hope of getting the money that they’re owed in unpaid wages, holiday pay and redundancy. Whilst they were there a group of students arrived expecting to be taught English only to find that the school had closed. The bosses had taken their money and not told them they were closing the school down. The workers have helpfully provided information for any students that turn up in future.

2015-01-17 12.16.17

Whereas Leicester Square normally throngs to the sound of tourists and movie goers, simply enjoying one of the world’s major cities, on Saturday the…

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IWW Insomnia Cookies Worker in Cambridge Needs Your Support!

police-brutality-1The Cambridge, MA Police are persecuting a union activist merely for picketing. Click here to donate to his legal & living expenses

On November 14, 2013, Cambridge cops, aided by the HUPD*, attacked a peaceful picket of union-busting Insomnia Cookies, where workers had gone on strike for $15/hr, paid health care, and a union. The cops grabbed IWW member Jason by the throat, threw him on the ground and pinned him partially under a car. Jason was cuffed and dragged away, charged with with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assaulting a cop, even though the only assault committed was by the police against him.

Over a year later, the Kafkaesque criminal case against Jason drags on, even though a local judge compared it to the abuses of the Palmer Raids* in court. Because the case remains open and shows up in employers’ background checks, Jason, who is currently unemployed, has been unable to find work and has no income. Please donate to help with his living expenses and legal expenses (while Jason’s lawyers have massively discounted their fees, some costs will still accrue).

Jason’s Trial will finally begin on March 18, more than 16 months after his arrest.

*Harvard University Police Department

**1919-20 campaign to arrest & deport radicals, especially anarchists, which led to hundreds of activists being deported.

Two more direct action successes, together we win!

Wessex Solidarity

together we winRotting house, rotten landlord.

We were just about to shareBristol Solidarity Network’s call out for another comm’s blockade against Jabbar Mohammed of Central Estate Agency and the slum landlord Ernie Biela, this time over a ‘missing’ £800 deposit. After a bit of buck-passing between landlord and agency the deposit has been ‘found’. Solnet have received an email from CEA with a deposit protection certificate attached. We still have a fight on for the necessary repairs, so watch this space for updates.

Recently we asked for solidarity for a long-serving housing association employee whose place of work had been moved miles away from his home and his pay slashed making the job unsustainable for him. Another win. Mike is being made redundant, as he requested, and thanks all those who participated.

We received the following inspirational message from him:

“I could never accept what is fundamentally unjust. I would advise…

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