Why are parents in England not doing more to stand up for their children?

What’s more, teachers from outside the EU will be expelled because teachers’ wages are insufficient to meet the criteria for working here.

Pride's Purge

Soon all parents in England – those of us who can’t afford schools like Eton anyway – will be forced to send our children to one of the academy schools run by Cameron’s fat cat mates.

Cameron has, by the way, very nicely allowed his chums in charge of academies to employ any unqualified Tom, Dick or Harry to look after our children. They’re cheaper you see.

And our PM has also scrapped any official lines of complaint should parents be concerned, worried or even outraged by the treatment of their children at an academy school:

This is what happens when you try to hold an academy school to account… good luck parents

Which means Cameron’s mates can more or less do what they like with our kids and there’s nothing any parent can do about it.

I have only one question about all of this.


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The view from Parliament, the view from the jobcentre

Cautiously pessimistic

Iain Duncan-Smith’s explanation for why he quit doesn’t seem entirely convincing.

Even as someone who tries my hardest to keep my attention focused on grassroots organising and pay as little attention as possible to the games politicians pay, it’s been pretty amazing to watch the chaos among the tories over the last few days ever since the unexpected resignation of Iain Duncan-Smith. As usual with these things, Johnny Void’s summing-up says pretty much all that needs to be said, but it is worth noting one thing: even if it’s impossible to take IDS’s stated reasons for quitting at face value, the fact that he thought it was a useful lie to tell is revealing.

After all, no-one tells lies that will make them unpopular. Generally speaking, people tend to tell lies that they think will make people like them. That means that, by claiming to champion the rights of…

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Class War Frontline: Eviction of Yorkley Court Community Farm, please share widely.

Wessex Solidarity

Video footage of the eviction and destruction of the farm in the Forest of Dean by a small-town villain Brian Bennett. It clearly shows the role of Gloucestershire police, who have acquired a reputation of being for hire to the highest bidder. As Bennet is trying to suppress this footage, we ask our comrades and WordPress followers to share it as widely as possible. The expropriation of land and the myth of property is the origin of the class antagonism under capitalism. It is our battlefield. Land and Freedom!

More info: Yorkley Court Community Farm blog

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Introducing: share.riseup.net, pad.riseup.net two new organising tools from riseup!

Introducing share.riseup.net!

We would love for you to check out https://share.riseup.net. You know that thing where you want to share something with your comrades and you send it as an email attachment and pad.riseup.net!then it’s way too big and everyone says, “why did you do that?” Or worse, you send out an email with a giant attachment and it won’t even send, or you receive a giant attachment and it throws you over quota? https://share.riseup.net helps solves those problems. Now you can use share.riseup.net to temporarily share those large files.

https://share.riseup.net is a easy to use client-encrypted “pastebin” and “imagebin”, and it’s hosted by your friendly neighborhood tech collective. When you share a file, it is encrypted before leaving your computer, so we don’t ever have a copy of what you are sharing.

This kind of client-side encryption, where the program comes from the server, is easy to bypass if the provider decides to add a back door. We don’t have a back door, but it is difficult to verify this. In other words, encryption in the browser is useful for the service provider, Riseup in this case, because we are not storing secrets on behalf of users, but it does not guarantee your confidentiality. For real security, you need to use an encryption application that is not web-based.

https://share.riseup.net is still in testing, so please don’t rely on it to store your only copy of an important file. Also your files will not stay forever, we haven’t worked this out exactly, but don’t expect them to be there for more than a week!

Introducing pad.riseup.net!

Collaborative text editors are a kind of magic: I have seen a roomful of people produce perfect meeting notes in real time, with footnotes; I have seen a difficult to write document come together in a matter of minutes; I have seen people on opposite sides of the planet work together as if in the same room.

At Riseup, we use a collaborative text editor for *everything*. It is how we breathe. If you have not yet tried the magic, check out https://pad.riseup.net. We have been running this service for five years, we just never announced it because it can sometimes be unreliable under heavy traffic.

https://pad.riseup.net is different than most web-based collaborative text editors: connections are only available via HTTPS, we allow access via Tor onion service, we do not log your IP address, and pads are automatically deleted after 30 days of no activity (so be sure to save the document offline once it’s finished!).

Riseup Under Construction

In the past few months we have been busy with some long needed software upgrades. As we’ve upgraded there have been some bugs and at times things broke. Also while we were frantically fixing things, we haven’t had as much time to answer help tickets. Things are getting more stable now, thanks for your patience!

Introducing riseup.net/donate

Did you see all the new tools for organizing above? Wow, they cost a lot of time and money to maintain!

There is also this looming and freaky fact that we have burned through our savings and are not sure how we are going to make it through this year. We got through a most excellent fund raising drive not too long ago, and we know that so many of you gave money to support us, but if there’s anyone out there who is thinking of donating and can, now is absolutely the crucial time to do it. We promise to put every penny to great use supporting radicals and radical tech.


Terrifyingly, according to the World Health Organisation definition the UK no longer has a NHS | Voices | The Independent

Tory Britain!

The NHS has actually been abolished. Now you may think that this is untrue. After all, you still go and see your GP or may be admitted to hospital and receive care free at the point of delivery. However, the Health & Social Care Act 2012 has abolished the NHS in legislative terms. It has achieved this through several mechanisms.

Source: Terrifyingly, according to the World Health Organisation definition the UK no longer has a NHS | Voices | The Independent

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