KSN-Jin International Women’s Day Statement

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

Solidarity message for the women of Kurdistan, and for women’s movements everywhere struggling against femicide, in defense of free women and society, on 8th March, 2021.

women defend rojava poster 2021

Today, wewish tosend a message of strength, courage, solidarity and hopeto allour sisters, and especially to allKurdish women political prisonerscurrentlyon hunger strike in Turkish prisons.

The Kurdish Women’s Movement provides inspiration to women’s movements all over Europe, and for us in England, Wales and Scotland, as an example of collective women’s struggle. Your dignified and strong response to the actions of the Turkish State is inspirational, is gaining increasing support in the national news and in the British Parliament, as well as amongst ordinary people who care about creating a better world and peace in Kurdistan. We salute all the women who demand freedom and who resist in the prison of darkness, such as Laila Guven, Zainab Jalalian and many others.

As feminists…

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Women’s History Month and IWD 2021

East Midlands & Eastern IWW

Women and Non-Binary Events for March.

8 March: Global Women’ Strike – IWW is a named supporter of the global women’s strike. However, if you are unable to support a full strike there are other things you can do. Slow down your work. Taken your proper lunch breaks. Work to contract. Recruit, recruit, recruit. Take a duvet day. More information on the women’s strikes here: https://womenstrike.org.uk/

9 March, 7pm:Historian Heather Mayer, author of ‘Beyond the Rebel Girl’ has agreed to speak to us about her book which centres on IWW women in the US North West. Afterwards we will have a discussion about what we can learn from these women to help us organise now. Sign up here: https://forms.gle/h1A94ZFaSmYAkTZJ8

14 and 21 March, 1pm: Organising for Training for Women and Non-Binary FWs. Sign up here: https://forms.gle/492xZWyggwSDaHq58

16 March, 7pm: Part two of Reclaim the Agenda’s Sexual Harassment…

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Women Workers’ Day 1921

At 18:45 on 7th March 1921, the government batteries at Sestroretsk and Lissy Noss fired the first shots against the Rebel City of Kronstadt. It was the eve of the Women Workers’ Day and the fourth anniversary of the start of the Russian Revolution (February Revolution, old calendar).

Radio Kronstadt broadcast this message from the free Soviet:

Today is a universal holiday — Women Workers’ Day. We of Kronstadt send, amid the thunder of cannon, our fraternal greetings to workingwomen of the world. May you soon accomplish your liberation from every form of violence and oppression. Long live the free revolutionary workingwomen! Long live the Social Revolution throughout the world!