Eviction starting soon

Calais Migrant Solidarity

Suite à la réunion du 20 octobre entre la sous-préfecture de Calais et les associations sur les CAO, nous savons désormais comment la préfecture organise l’expulsion de la jungle.
L’expulsion va commencer lundi 24 octobre. La destruction commencera mardi 25.

La création du hangar de tri rue des Garennes est confirmée. Les personnes passeront par le hangar de tri avant d’être répartis dans les bus qui partiront en continu vers les CAO. Le périmètre contrôlé annoncé est bien plus large que le bidonville, des équipes de gendarmes mobiles controlleront les entrées et les sorties.
La préfecture placera en CRA toutes les personnes encore présentes sur la jungle qui refuseront d’aller en CAO. Des CRA viennent d’ouvrir spécialement pour l’opération, d’autres ont été vidés pour recevoir les personnes déportées depuis Calais. Il est probableque l’aéroport de Marck soit utilisé pour envoyer les personnes vers les différents centres de rétention à travers…

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Message From Riseup: Crisis averted! Krise abgewendet! Crise evitada!

[en] English – Crisis averted!
[de] Deutsch – Krise abgewendet!
[pt] Português – Crise evitada!
[es] Castellano – ¡Crisis superada!
[fr] Français – Une crise évitée
[it] Italiano – Crisi evitata!

[en] English

Crisis averted!

Thanks again to all the people who contributed in September in response to our urgent appeal. Your generous response was overwhelming and inspiring.

Many people grew alarmed after reading our last newsletter, and wrote us to ask how serious our situation actually is. Yes, our financial situation has been dire. It is also true that Riseup has weathered lightning strikes, melting computers, internal conflict, illness, national borders, and a car crash. We cannot confirm the alien abduction. Riseup is a quixotic project: the thing we do is persevere, against all reason.

Somehow it works, but this is not a sustainable way to operate. What would it look like if Riseup was run properly? Help tickets would be answered in a timely manner, our services would be more reliable and more secure, and you would not need a different account for each different service. Most importantly, Riseup would be more accountable and more responsive to the needs of the communities we seek to serve. Although your generous support has averted our current crisis, Riseup does not yet generate the donations or the volunteer labor needed for Riseup to thrive.

This means we are going to keep asking for your support! If you missed out, it is never too late to donate. Please visit https://riseup.net/en/donate

Quota increased

Back in June, we said we would put all donations received that month toward increasing quota. We received enough money to double quota, and we will be increasing quota again as soon as we can. A few things to remember about quota:

* Riseup has a “default” starting quota, but you can also optionally double your quota by logging in at https://user.riseup.net

* If you changed your quota in the past, you do not automatically get higher quota now that the limit has been changed. You need to login to https://user.riseup.net to do this.

* If you would like increased security, and better control over your own data, we suggest that you consider using POP instead of IMAP or web-mail. With POP configured to remove messages from our servers, you will never need to worry about quota or Riseup storing your email. For more information, see: https://riseup.net/en/email/clients

Security practices for everyone

Computer security is hard, and even big corporations get it wrong most of the time. What is an activist to do? There are four easy first steps that you should take to get started:

(1) Do not open email attachments. Honestly, just don’t do it, ever. Email attachments are the single most common cause of security problems. If you must open an email attachment, first contact the sender and confirm that they sent it. In general, you can never trust the identity of the sender [1].

(2) Use a password manager. Some password managers are better than others, but what really matters is that you start using one. Let your beautiful brain fill up with something better than passwords. Remember one long password, and let the computer remember everything else.

(3) Keep your software and operating system up to date. The sad reality is that technology is a never ending treadmill of doom. If you are running old software, you are probably exposing yourself to all sorts of known vulnerabilities that an attacker can take advantage of.

(4) Check out our Better Web Browsing tutorial: https://riseup.net/en/better-web-browsing

[1] Technical note: It is possible to verify the identity of the sender, if the message is signed with OpenPGP or S/MIME. Otherwise, even technically savvy people need to exercise extreme caution (for example, DKIM doesn’t prevent domain name homograph attacks, a phishing method using similarly looking characters. Our help page on Phishing – https://riseup.net/en/phishing – has more info).

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US prison struggles: latest calls for support

Cautiously pessimistic

As the wave of revolt in the US prison system continues, more and more people are finding themselves targeted for reprisals by the prison authorities. These people are taking incredible risks to challenge an unjust system, and knowing that there’s people on the outside paying attention can have a real impact on the confidence of both the rebels and the authorities. Here’s a list of the most recent calls for support:

Missouri – Ferguson prisoner Josh Williams:

Over in Missouri, Josh Williams, who was jailed for his role in the Ferguson uprising, has been housed with violent offenders, which threatens his safety, and is asking for help in first getting moved to a different level, and and also to be moved to another prison closer to home.

Phone numbers: (573)-751-2389 and (573)-751-3222

Emails: constituentservices@doc.mo.gov, InspectorGeneral@doc.mo.gov, comofc@oa.mo.gov, doc.media@doc.mo.gov

Message: “Hello, I am a concerned citizen contacting…

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Aberfan: politicising tragedy

against the wall

Content notes: This discusses the Aberfan Disaster, including potentially upsetting details. It also discusses various issues around mental health in detail, including grief and trauma and mentions suicide, depression and anxiety.


Approaching the 50th anniversary, the most common feeling within the community is a desire to move on. ‘We like to see October go out’, let’s get October out of the way, let’s carry on with our lives. This is what the community has done for the last 50 years. With incredible strength, people have lived in a way that resembles life in any other part of the Valleys. People pass reminders of the Disaster on their way out of the village to work; an aging population goes about its business; post-industrial decay affects us like it does any working class community. This is what people have always done: in the weeks that followed the Disaster, pubs remained open, milk deliveries were on time…

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CalaisResearch: 40 companies profiting from the eviction and border violence

Take ’em down.

Calais Migrant Solidarity

combined-systemsThe eviction of the Calais jungle is about to begin, but who does this act of brutality serve? On the one hand, cynical politicians looking to the French presidential election next year, desperately trying to cling onto power with a show of toughness. But also, it will boost the profits of a host of private companies who supply the rubber bullets and barbed wire, bulldozers and deportation buses.

Calais Research Network, a research group formed this August, has compiled an expanded list of over 40 companies profiting from the border regime. These companies have an interest in building up ‘security’ in Calais and beyond, part of a flourishing industry surrounding everything from the privatization of lorry inspections to the manufacturing of tear gas canisters and the constantly proliferating fences and walls along the highway.

The full list with detailed information on each company can be viewed on the new

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A BOOK – by the SUWN

scottish unemployed workers' network

The SUWN is proud to announce the birth of our BOOK

RIGHTING WELFARE WRONGS: Dispatches and Analysis from the Front Line of the Fight Against Austerity


You can buy a copy from our publishers, Commonprint, HERE for £10

This book has been forged through grassroots activism by and with people at the sharp end of ‘welfare reform’. It illuminates everyday battles to maintain human dignity and even existence in the face of the new punitive welfare state. It is about solidarity and mutual support, but it is also about understanding and taking on the bigger politics behind this brave new world of coercion and control.

It has been written for everyone who wants to comprehend what is happening and what we can do about it – and maybe even have a laugh along the way.

‘I am convinced that the network must have saved many vulnerable people from going over…

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Practical resistance in education: rent strikes and survey sabotage

Cautiously pessimistic

The UK’s student movement has had some really impressive moments in the last few years, but it’s also often struggled to come up with lasting ways of building power beyond brief and quickly-evicted occupations. One of the most promising steps forward in the last year or so has been the crossover between student and housing struggles in the shape of the rent strike, and now rent strike organisers are pushing to take things national. To kick things off, there’s an action of some sort organised for Wednesday 19th October, meeting up at 2:30 at Russell Square. The organisers suggest “action briefing on arrival then ~we’ll see what happens from there~”.

Meanwhile, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts’ call for a boycott of the National Student Survey – the mechanism used to rate “teaching excellence” and so on – seems to also be having some effect

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Advice for Daniel Blake

scottish unemployed workers' network


Ken Loach’s award winning film should open everyone’s eyes to what is happening in Britain’s jobcentres. It also demonstrates how things can get even worse when there is no advice on how best to deal with the situation. The film begins with Daniel being declared fit for work after his Work Capability Assessment and refused Employment and Support Allowance (ESA, the benefit  for people unable to earn money through work). In order to get any money he has to sign up for Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), despite clear advice from his doctor that he should be given time off to recover from his heart condition.

We meet people in a similar predicament all the time, and we can expect to see many more Daniel Blakes: there has been a significant cracking down on the Work Capability Assessment and the Westminster Government is demonstrating a rigid determination to push the sick and…

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Cleaners’ struggles in London, Oct 13-14

Cautiously pessimistic

Next week sees a few different protests in support of ongoing cleaners’ struggles in the capital.

First up, the RMT’s organised two demonstrations in support of outsourced tube cleaners, who’re already low-paid and are now being affected by staffing cuts, on Thursday 13th: one starting at 10am outside City Hall, then one later in the day at 3pm outside the Interserve headquarters.

Justice for Cleaners

The following day, the UVW union have organised a protest at the LSE starting at 1, demanding the reinstatement of Alba, a long-standing member of the LSE’s cleaning team who’s just been sacked by the cleaning contractor Noonan. You can see a brief clip of Alba asking for support here:

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