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Anarchy by the Sea!

To all those who attended (or tried to attend) the bookfair and/or the gig, all those who worked with us on the day or beforehand, all those who donated or lent us stuff, the musicians, brewers, stallholders and meeting hosts. We extend our heartfelt thanks and congratulations on being part of this superb event.

We ran out of food but the kitchen crew put in a heroic effort to get everyone fed, going to the shops a couple of times and cooking all day.

We’re looking into hosting warm up events through the year to front-load the next one so the funding won’t be so tight.. Look out for gigs, talks film shows and lets us have your own ideas.

Lastly we welcome feedback, and if you get in touch we’d like to know how you found out about  the event so we can target our publicity most effectively.


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Workplace and social struggles – late May/early June round-up

Cowley club appeal

Wessex Solidarity

If you’ve ever visited the Cowley Clubin Brighton it’s a great community resource and worth defending. It’s struggling financially due to the council imposing punitive business rates.

These places are a threat to those who seek the total commercialisation of our town centres and are coming under pressure everywhere. We’ll miss them when they’re gone. Please consider supporting this appeal:

If enough people set up a small standing order each month from their bank account we could thwart the bureaucrats and developers by keeping our radical social centre alive. A tiny amount you won’t miss, even one pound a month per person would be a massive help!

Name: The Cowley Club Ltd
Account no: 60362080
Sort Code: 09-01-55

Thanks! X

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From the FAU: Next stop, new International

[ca, de]

A conference was held in Frankfurt, Germany, this past weekend to prepare a new international association of anarchosyndicalist and revolutionary unions. This was the third conference of its kind.

At the meeting it was decided to hold a constitutional congress in a year’s time. The long runup is needed to facilitate the grassroots decision-making processes of the unions involved. Over the coming months, every individual member of the unions will have the opportunity to make proposals about the makeup of the international. Afterwards, they will vote on the proposals.

The conference was attended by the unions CNT (Spain), USI (Italy), ESE (Greece), IP (Poland) and FAU (Germany), who have all committed to taking part in this project. The CNT-F (France) as well as the IWW for English- and German-speaking European countries took part as observers. The conference was also joined via a video chat by Rocinante (Greece), IWW (USA and Canada) and FORA (Argentinia). The FORA has also committed to joining the project. Stimulating discussions and a productive working atmosphere meant that contentious issues were dealt with that had prevented these like-minded unions from coming together in the past.

Although there is still a long way to go before the first congress, it was clear at the conference that the unions were already providing each other with solidarity and mutual aid as well as cooperating in their union work. For example, mutual aid in the form of help for earthquake victims in Italy, solidarity in the form of direct action in support of the CNT’s struggle against Ford, and union cooperation in the form of an international campaign for delivery workers. The fact that many of the basics tenets of “syndicalism” are already being practiced across national frontiers bodes well for the nascent international.

“Appropriate action will be taken”: LSE bosses try to menace striking cleaners

Cautiously pessimistic

Management at the London School of Economics have written to striking cleaners, claiming that some of them had breached the government’s code of practice on picketing, asking them not to strike in future, and warning that “we are in the process of gathering evidence to identify those involved and thereafter appropriate action will be taken”. You can tell they really like saying “appropriate action will be taken”, since they use the phrase twice in one short letter. This is a clear attempt to intimidate workers.

If you’re in the London area, you can help back these workers in defying their employers’ attempted intimidation by going along to the next picket on Wednesday morning, the film showing about their campaign on Friday, and/or their party on Saturday night. No matter where you live, you can also help out by emailing LSE bosses at j.black@lse.ac.uk, a.blair1@lse.ac.uk,

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