A lifeline faces the axe

The Basildon based Disability Information & Advice Line (DIAL)http://dialbasildon.co.uk/index.php?id=1 – faces closure on 21st April as a result of its funding being cut. One of the services offered by DIAL was to help disabled people appeal against Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) assessments wrongly declaring them fit for work. Last year, Basildon Council axed its £10,000 annual funding to DIAL and gave it to the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) instead. This amounted to five percent of DIAL’s budget – because of this cut, other backers pulled their funding and a situation has been reached where it’s impossible for them to carry on. See here for the full story in the Yellow Advertiser: EXCLUSIVE: Disabled Basildon residents will die if local charity DIAL is forced to close, service users warnhttps://tinyurl.com/lv8xsj4

With the CAB, an appointment is needed and people are given an allotted time. With DIAL…

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Welcome to the lion’s den: Labour councils and the Durham teaching assistants

Cautiously pessimistic

A lot of discussion about the Labour Party at the moment seems to focus on fairly abstract terrain: what the leadership are saying, what the rest of the Parliamentary party are saying, whether Corbyn could win a general election in 2020 – this last one feels like a particularly weird question for people to be talking about, as if anyone, having gone through the last few years, is thinking “ah yes, we are in a stable situation where I feel confident about making long-term predictions, because things generally seem to be playing out as I would expect them to”. But here we are.

What seems frustratingly absent, a lot of the time, is any consideration of the fact that, whoever might win a hypothetical general election in the future, huge areas of the country are ruled by Labour councils on the local level right now, which means that, when people…

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Universal Basic Income – no tool for liberation

Angry Workers of the World

pocket-money-uk-standard-webpicwm.pngWe wrote the following as a contribution for discussion at a recent event on UBI in London…

Can’t buy me love – UBI ain’t working for workers’ liberation

Parts of the radical left see the Universal Basic Income (UBI) demand as a potential vehicle to a) ‘make people think’ about productive potentials and wealth distribution in capitalism; and b) unify a (fragmented and atomised) working class through a common demand. We think that the demand ain’t helpful for the following reasons:

  • The demand takes a problematic starting point. In capitalism individual income disguises the fact that in order to live we depend on each other. The wage in particular disguises exploitative relations as a ‘fair deal’. Capital and the state seem to be the productive social forces which hand out an individual income to us – although it is the social work of all of us which makes us survive…

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London Antifascists

croydon refugees welcome 2Below is a statement by members of the local community on the recent attack in Croydon. Comrades have asked for the circulation of this statement, and we do so extending our solidarity and strength to Reker Ahmed, the victim of the attack, and to the community shaken, but not defeated, by these events.

“On 31st March, a young boy, Reker Ahmed, was brutally beaten by a gang in the area of Croydon whilst waiting for a bus. The gang (of almost 25) approached the boy and after asking where he was from, chased him and attacked him, leaving him with life-threatening injuries. He was only 17 years old and currently applying for asylum in the UK. This attack occurred on the Shrublands Estate, in Shirley, a diverse working-class area and its significance was felt by the local community.

In response to this racist and xenophobic violence, we chose to decorate…

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The privileged, contemptuous, sneering faces of class hatred…

On the evening of Tuesday 4th April, there was a protest outside the Property Developer Awards held at the Grosvenor House hotel on Park Lane: Property developers left in no doubt as to what we think of themhttps://southessexstirrer.wordpress.com/2017/04/05/property-developers-left-in-no-doubt-what-we-think-of-them/

During the course of the protest, the three individuals shown above decided to come out for a quick fag break and a sneer at the protesters before embarking on their sumptuous meal and awards ceremony that had a price tag of £10,000 per table. That’s more than a fair number of the protesters get in income in a sodding year!

What you see in the above image is the privileged, contemptuous, sneering face of class hatred. Note one of them was filming us for on their smartphone for later amusement… The three scumbags in the above image got away with this because at that point in the proceedings, there was…

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Deliveroo riders tell their stories: new Rebel Roo and Unworkable out now!

Cautiously pessimistic

It’s a busy day for media produced by Deliveroo workers: Rebel Roo 6 has just come out, with stories from the successful campaigns in Leeds and Brighton as well as a wildcat strike in Marseille, while Unworkable, a podcast on the hidden side of work, has just released its first episode, with stories from Deliveroo riders organising through the IWGB in Brighton.

As ever, you can help influence how the next chapter of this story plays out, by making sure Deliveroo riders in your area know what’s going on elsewhere. If you want to help spread the Rebel Roo around, you can print off your own copies from the PDF, or order some by emailing rebelroouk [at] gmail.com; for anyone whose commute takes them through a city centre on your way home, you can experiment with trying a route that’ll take you past the spot where Deliveroo…

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