Angry Workers / Ugh! / T-Bitch Friday 3rd April Bournemouth.

Anarchy in the Sticks!

Socialist realism – wait till you see T-Bitch!

Friday 3rd April 7 pm Presentation and discussion by West London’s Angry WorkersCollective on their experiences of organising chiefly migrant workers in the warehouse/retail/food sector over the last 6 years.

Followed by: From 9 pm a benefit gig for the bookfair featuring Ugh! and T-Bitch Theatrical, anarchic comedy punk you will never forget! Bar until 2 am.

The Four Horsemen Pub 77-79 Commercial Rd Bournemouth Dorset BH2 5RT. Suggested donation £4 on the door

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UVW union launches solidarity letter in defiance of continued threats from bosses and cops

Wessex Solidarity

Cautiously pessimistic

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A short announcement from the United Voices of the World union:

ATTN: Unions / CLPs / Community Organizations / Individuals: St. George’s University still refuses to negotiate with our striking workers. They have, yet again, threatened to call the police on our peaceful and lawful picket line.

If you are worried about the implications of these sort of strike breaking tactics, and believe that police have no place intimidating and arresting peaceful striking workers and their supporters, then we are asking you to sign this letter of solidarity condemning SGUL and the Metropolitan Police’s actions. If you would like to sign the letter – as a group or individual – simply message us or comment your confirmation. Solidarity!

If you want to contact them to add your support, you can do so on fb, twitter, or email Or probably on insta as…

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Mid-Jan class struggle news round-up and events listing

Cautiously pessimistic

Your semi-regular round-up of recent, often but not all workplace-related, news and upcoming events:

Organising by workers in the UVW and IWGB base/grassroots unions has seen a big victory at the University of Greenwich, with some low-paid workers getting a wage rise of up to 23%. In more good news for the IWGB, the Met’s nonsensical attempt to prosecute someone involved in organising Uber drivers for assaulting police officers by making noise at a demo has now collapsed entirely.

Elsewhere, Sandwell bin workers organised in the GMB have managed to defeat threatened workload changes…

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Book launch: Radiant Things



Radiant Things is a new series of pamphlets produced by Industrial Workers of The World local branch in Derry.

The series will reprint and commission writing on subjects we find relevant to the struggles we are engaged in today. Based in Derry, as we are, we draw on a history of resistance and struggle – and of historical connection to a wide range of international equivalencies and solidarities.

This history gives us confidence to learn from the mistakes of the past and envisage new futures for the form our struggles will take.

Derry Radical Bookfair will see the launch of Issue #1, available by donation.

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Delfin Cancels Christmas: A Personal Account

The Saturday before the last working week of the year, the teachers at Delfin School were emailed by the director and asked to confirm our attendance at a meeting the following Monday. Alarm bells were ringing that weekend as everybody feared the worst. We had been looking forward to the two- week Christmas/New Year break.

At the meeting on the Monday, we were advised that the school was downsizing and moving premises and that there would be redundancies. The policy was to be ‘last in, first out’, but we would have the opportunity to put forward, and discuss ideas to avoid being made redundant at a follow up meeting that Thursday. It was difficult to know what we were going to suggest on the Thursday, because the school had been far from honest in the information they’d given us, eg, how many redundancies there’d be, where the school was moving to ( they said they didn’t know ) and projected student numbers in 2020.

Thursday came, and we weren’t given much more info in that meeting. Just that we’d know around lunch time on Friday who was going to become out of work. All of this was causing a great deal of stress, and we were still teaching, trying to keep the forthcoming dismay in the background. On the Friday we learnt that the criteria for redundancies had changed from last in, first out to ‘skills’. This being unclear as each member of the teaching team was a skilled individual who had given their all to supplying engaging lessons at the school. We waited all day for news that Friday. The school was busy packing up its materials, clearly with a destination in mind. In fact, management came into classes to announce the new location they were moving to, but still no news for the teachers.

It was around half past six that Friday evening, that one by one, the school systematically gave redundancy notice to each of the teachers. That evening would have been the beginning of a much earned and needed break for the teachers. Instead we found through social media contact that they’d got rid of us all.

When the school opened its doors again in the new year, we discovered that classes were running with teachers from an agency.

Christmas 2019 was cancelled for a dedicated team of teachers at Delfin School.

5 days before Christmas Delfin English unlawfully sacked their entire teacher staff, the majority of whom were members of the IWW TEFL Workers Union.

Help us send a message to Delfin and any company that does business with Delfin: The IWW will not stand for attacks on our members!

Monday 2Oth January: 24 hour email zap of Evocation EFL Agency

Why: Because Evocation is supplying agency teachers to do the work of the sacked Delfin teachers

Please send the following email to


Dear Martin,

I’m writing in support of the unlawfully dismissed Delfin teachers.

Five days before Christmas Delfin made their entire teaching staff redundant.

Redundancies are made on the premise that a job role is redundant. By employing agency workers to do the work of the redundant staff, Delfin has shown that the redundancies were not genuine and, therefore, unlawful.

By supplying cover teachers to Delfin, Evocation is complicit in Delfin’s unlawful behaviour.

There is a week of action planned to target Evocation for its continued relationship with Delfin. This will include physical protests as well numerous actions that will have a significant impact on Evocation’s digital reputation.

Evocation has the option to do the right things and DROP DELFIN NOW!!!

This week of action will be cancelled when:

a) Evocation severs its business relationship with Delfin and no longer provides cover teachers


b) Delfin negotiates an enhanced redundancy package and re-instatement options with its staff through their trade union representatives.

IWW members and language teachers across the UK and Ireland stand behind the Delfin teachers.

Evocation: #DropDelfin

Bringing in the New Year, DWP Style

scottish unemployed workers' network

stormy weather ahead

The first stall of 2020 took place against the backdrop of Baltic weather conditions and the recent disastrous re-election of the Tories, which means that groups like our own will find ourselves, yet again, back on the active front line of the ruthless and never ending class war being waged against the poor and disabled in the name of ‘welfare reforms’. Whilst this very real prospect did not exactly fill us full of joy, particularly when we started to lose the feelings in our fingers, we are also aware that the situation we face at Dundee buroo is not nearly so desperate as it is at many other job centres. After nearly six years of advice stalls and constant pressure we have succeeded in reducing the number of cases we deal with from a torrent to a trickle, as local DWP managers have introduced a whole series of measures in…

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Repression against workers’ organising in London: police break up UVW picket, IWGB member prosecuted for sound waves

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London’s militant grassroots/base union movement experienced two different kinds of state harassment today: police attended a picket of striking security guards organised through the UVW, ordered them to move, and then arrested a legal representative for talking back, while James Farrar, a trade unionist involved in the IWGB’s attempts to organise cab drivers, faced his first day of a court case where the police are claiming that his use of a megaphone constitutes assault. The UVW are now calling for a mass presence at St George’s University on Tuesday morning for the second day of the strike to show that the strikers will not be intimidated.

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A short report from the UK

Angry Workers of the World

article-2233386-160a81ca000005dc-754_634x411.jpgWe wrote this short report about the elections and the aftermaths for comrades abroad…

Johnson won the election with the easiest of all promises: if you get me a majority I will get Brexit through parliament within weeks and after that I will spend money on hospitals and the police. This manifests a populist turn within the conservative camp. The Tory’s strategy worked out, but their success is based on drawing a new political boundary around the English nation, to the disadvantage of other regions of the United Kingdom. Johnson’s Brexit Deal sold out the integrity of the United Kingdom and thereby also helped the Scottish nationalist SNP to their election success. The SNP benefits from Johnson’s announcement that there will be no second referendum on independence – the whole thing might turn into a lamer version of the Catalan national dispute. The fact that shortly before the election Johnson…

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