The Dorset General Members’ Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World.

The I.W.W. is a global union for all workers, seeking economic democracy and environmental sustainability through a fair distribution of resources and effort. In the meantime we fight for better conditions today, and demand respect for all workers using direct action and solidarity. Along the way, we have had many small victories against wage theft and victimisation simply by saying: “you can’t do that”.

Unlike trade unions we organise the worker not the job, so you can carry the union with you in and out of work, but members of other unions are welcome to join the I.W.W. as well. We are not linked to any political party or movement. We organise as we wish to live, all officers are unpaid volunteers directly elected by the membership and no one’s opinion counts more or less than any other, there are no leaders and there is no career ladder to climb.

We believe that:

  • True democracy is only possible if working people use their efforts and talents for their own benefit rather to grow the wealth and power of the privileged.
  • All workers are on the same side, regardless of where they live, where they were born, whether they are currently waged or unwaged, full or part time, studying, retired or incapacitated. Only by standing firmly together can we defeat those who try to exploit us.
  • The world belongs to us; factories, farms, schools, hospitals, roads and railways – we built it, not the bankers or the politicians. However, we are not responsible for the economy or the stock market, and they are not our problem.
  • Food, clothing, shelter, health and education are basic human needs, all are provided by our fellow workers. Access to these things should not depend on a person’s ability to add value to someone else’s capital.

To some these ideas are revolutionary; to us they are no more than common sense. Look after yourself and get in touch.

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