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Dear TUC comrades

I am writing to you on behalf of my friend and fellow IWW member Kevan Thakrar, a miscarriage of justice prisoner who is being subjected to ill-treatment amounting to torture, both mental and physical, in the UK.

He has spent twelve years in prison and ten in solitary confinement held in the close supervision centres (CSC) , for a crime he did not commit, based on hearsay evidence from police in Northern Cyprus.

There is not a shred of physical evidence to place Kev at the scene, and he did not match the witness description, in addition he had an alibi.

A witness who was with Kev at the time of the incident in Enfield, Middlesex was threatened by police that he would serve 10 years imprisonment if he told the truth about Kev’s location. He was charged with assisting an offender and made to appear before Stevenage Magistates Court on July 9, where he was remanded in custody. This was during Kev’s trial with the arrest used as a tool of intimidation to scare the alibi out of giving evidence.

Kev has been beaten, starved, moved around incessantly, put in a blood-spattered cell, sexually and racially abused. In recent weeks the pressure has been increased on him in a calculated attempt to destroy his mental health. Kev is very strong, but there are limits to how far anyone can endure such treatment.

The worst thing about this is that Trade Union members, of the British prison officers association are complicit in this abuse, this is affiliated to the TUC and to international bodies.

This is a matter of life and death, and I believe only the censure of fellow Trades Unionists can put a stop to it.

Best Regards,

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