Dorset IWW GMB flyers, booklets and membership form [en]

Dorset IWW single sided 2 x A5

Law on Social Security for DWP workers double sided 2x A5 – A leaflet to give to Jobcentre workers, drawn up by Salford Unemployed Community Resource Centre.

Membership form, double sided 2 x A5

Solidarity Beyond Borders single 2 x A5

A5 booklets in printer’s pairs:

ACAS statutory Code of Practice on discipline and grievance

Annotated Preamble to the IWW Constitution By Tim Acott.

One Big Union (Dorset)

Organising in the Workplace

How to fire your boss: a workers guide to direct action.

How To Hold A Good Meeting By x344469 Portland GMB

Reps guide 2019 (Dorset)

The I.W.W. its History Structure and Methods By Vincent St John 1917

Think it over: An introduction to the IWW By Tim Acott.

Varying a contract of employment – ACAS

Weakening the Dam By Twin Cities IWW