Working in Social Care during the Covid-19 pandemic

IWW: Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England

The 2 metre social distancing instructions are clearly not appropriate in social care setting and there is no way that workers can adhere to them. Social care is an essential service and there is exemption for workers in social care who need to carry out personal care or in any other way get closer to service users than is being advised as safe by health professionals.

This is causing a lot of stress and anxiety for social care workers who are clearly concerned not only for their own safety and for the safety of their families, but also for the vulnerable service users who they may be infecting during the course of their work.

It’s important to note that while it is not possible

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D.I.Y. CULTURE #7 – Online COVID-19 Crisis Special

D.i.Y.Culture #7 – Online Pandemic Special is now available to view/download

Please share far and wide.

In this issue: Curfew in the Philippines, thoughts on Mayday from Ruth Kinna, the role of government during a national crisis from Carne Ross, turning words into action from Tomás Ibáñez, a restrained piece on celebrity culture from Dr Lisa Mckenzie, can the movement make hay from the Lockdown by the Whitechapel Anarchist, 4 pages from Gata Negra in Valencia, Artwork from the Slow Burning Fuse, and a report from Vipera of the Moscow Anarchists. There are also contributions from anarchist care/NHS-workers, tube workers, education workers and an anarchist barista in Amsterdam – so get your teeth into a small slice, the virtual cake of liberty. If you’ve got ideas for contributions/articles/images/videos/etc for #8, then don’t be shy.

Somehow, all of the rage and revelation that Covid-19 has unleashed, has to be transferred…

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Resistance banners appear across London for Mayday

Focus E15 Campaign

We may be locked down at the moment but groups and campaigns are turning their thoughts to the political situation this Mayday by putting out messages of anti capitalist resistance at home and on billboards and bus stops. Here are a selection of some messages both inspiring and angry. Check out lockdown banners on Facebook for loads more! Happy mayday comrades.

Educate! Agitate! Organise! Mayday 2020.

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A May Day to remember: security staff brought in house TODAY in second victory for workers’ campaign!

Independent Workers Union of Great Britain - Universities of London Branch

All remaining Security Officers on the University of London contract have been brought in-house today, following a vibrant and relentless campaign that led to the in-sourcing of their reception-based colleagues last year.

This is a huge VICTORY for the workers’ campaign and gives many families cause for celebration today!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of IWGB’s branch organiser Jordi Lopez the workers have also won all of their individual cases relating to the transfer. All IWGB members will now transfer on contracts that accurately represent their hours of work.

Demonstrating the struggle these workers have faced in being passed from company to company and mistreated over the years, one officer brought in-house today said: “At long last the UOL Security staff are free.”

Khurram and Jhonny wearing their brand new University of London uniforms

This transfer ensures important material gains for every member of staff: now that the University isn’t…

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Home News Brutal cuts to fire and rescue services being rushed through during the pandemic, union says

Fire Brigades Union (FBU)

  • Plans include major cuts to fire engines and staffing levels
  • FBU says it amounts to a ‘betrayal’ of firefighters and the public

Firefighters have warned of a major threat to public safety as politicians and fire chiefs try to sneak through cuts to the fire and rescue services while firefighters respond to the coronavirus crisis.

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) made the comments after a consultation on sweeping fire and rescue cuts was launched mid-pandemic.

The union has called out the Prime Minister and other government ministers for clapping key workers on a Thursday while turning a blind eye to brutal cuts to a frontline emergency service.

Firefighters have agreed to take on sweeping new duties to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, including moving dead bodies, driving ambulances, and producing PPE, at the request of the government and the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC).

But East Sussex’s Conservative-controlled fire authority has decided to

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Bristol Health and Care Workers Solidarity Fund

Bristol Care Workers Network


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Who are you?

Bristol Care Workers Network is a grassroots union for health and care workers in Bristol. We fight for workers’ rights in the here and now, and a better care system in the future.

What is the solidarity fund?

We believe that corona virus is a deeply political issue; precarious workers will be hugely affected by self-isolation without sick pay, and by the economic impact on the industries in which we work. Care workers will be doubly disadvantaged by this, as on top of the issues faced by all precarious workers, we are also more likely to be in contact with infected people through our work. Government measures to ensure sick pay and prevent poverty for precarious workers have been utterly inadequate, and time and again this government has prioritised the needs of the business class over the needs of workers.

Despite the failures…

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Musings on Lockdown from a Hobbit named Dave

Wessex Solidarity

What have I learned from lockdown?

  • Who does it benefit? It benefits large chains and corporations and online traders. The small high street shops are closed. The high street has been in decline for years due to large out of town shopping super-centres. One would imagine that when people start to go out, they will find that their high streets, small retailers, grocers, butchers, clothes shops may no longer be there. How many pubs and entertainment will go out of business? Is it going to become the kind of terrain where anyone out on the street is seen a thug and a problem with no reason to be there?
  • People working from home with no financial loss – it has become apparent that these are the bullshit jobs – with no value to society. The fact that your job continues with little or no variation means that no one directly…

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Bristol/Bournemouth: Banners in the streets

Global May Day

Statement released by Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Bristol:

Fellow Workers,
To mark and celebrate May Day this year members of Bristol IWW and Bristol Green Anti-Capitalist Front held a banner drop outside of BASE, an anarchist community centre that has become an essential mutual aid hub for the local community.
This May Day is a time to celebrate the victories of the labour movement and an invitation to challenge ourselves to build new programmes and organise outside of the state and the economy.
We send our solidarity to all the other organisations and individuals participating in the Global May Day 2020 and hope that like us, you see today as the beginning of more actions in a struggle for the liberation of the working class and the natural world from the exploitation of the wage system.
Together the working class will overcome Covid-19 and the capitalist virus.

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