Peter Gelderloos: The Police

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Recently, a group of racist, anti-LGBTQ, white nationalists attacked a Gay Pride parade in Hamilton, Ontario. Instead of arresting the attackers, the police have arrested people who allegedly took action in defence against this fascist violence. When a group of activists protested the police’s conduct in front of the Mayor’s home, the Media focused their self-righteous indignation on this anarchist “hooliganism,” failing to put the protest in any real context, including the fact that the police not only failed to protect people from fascist violence, but are now prosecuting people who did. The local anarchist library and social space. The Tower, is again under attack, with increased harassment by the authorities. All of which reminded me of this section from Peter Gelderloos’ Anarchy Works(Ardent Press, 2010).

Who will protect us without police?

In our society, police benefit from a tremendous amount of hype, whether it’s biased and fear-mongering…

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Delivery workers struggle in Indonesia

Angry Workers of the World


Ojek is Indonesian and means motocycle taxi. Ojeks are the indispensible means of transportation in Indonesian cities. Since a cople of years, big companies like “Grab” and “GO-Jek” and until last year Uber took over the motorcyle taxi business by providing apps to call a bike. which is provided by the apps . (Uber was also active in Indonesia until April 2018) It functions much like Uber but as well as transporting people the self employed motorcyclists also transport food, post and provide other services. About 200,000 to 300,000 motorcyclists work in Jakarta alone, and around 2 million in all of Indonesia. That makes around 1.5% of the whole of the Indonesian working population. Over 99% of companies in Indonesia are small medium enterprises, and only around 3% of the working population of Indonesia is employed by large companies. Therefore it’s safe to say that the two apps “Grab”…

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Whatever happened to the Polish Nazis in the DFLA?

Anti-Fascist Network

In March we published an article about the DFLA Polish Division. We revealed open neo-Nazis in their ranks and how they worked as a personal security for Gerard Batten and Stephen Yaxley Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson.

After we published it, the DFLA responded by stating that “an official investigation” would take place related to information they had received about Nazis in their ranks, suggesting that they knew nothing about this before we brought it to their attention.

Just how much investigating is needed to find out whether guys with swastikas and Combat 18 tattoos are Nazis or not, we are not exactly sure. We fail to see how the DFLA leadership couldn’t spot that the ‘sound lads’ from Poland at their general meeting and at a social afterwards were covered in Nazi tattoos and that they didn’t have a single look at any of their Facebook profiles.

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Still fighting!

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross - Prisoner Support

This is a statement from a comrade we have been supporting through the courts and persistent police harassment. We admire their determination to carry on resisting despite being targetted and their willingness to speak up and expose the cops for what they are. Their words are a good example of the courage and integrity necessary for fighting to win:

Still fighting!

It was only a “No”. The sentence resonates inside of me. It was only a “No” and they tried to make me pay for telling them where to get off. For fighting them in court. For having the “wrong politics”. For not being white. It was only a “No”, yet for over a year and a half since that day and since my fight to clear my name began, it has felt like forever.At the time, on that cold December evening in 2017 I made it clear that I…

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Emancipation of the Working Class: The Legacy of the IWW.

Anarchy in the Sticks!

Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation

Winter 2019 cover of the IWW’s Industrial Worker magazine.

Founded over 110 years ago on June 27, 1905, the Industrial Workers of the World, or IWW, created an iconic legacy and rich history of militant unionism in the U.S.  The union was founded by radical unionists and currents within the labor movement with the purpose of building an alternative to the conservative trade unionism of the American Labor Federation (AFL) which promoted harmony between workers and capital and practiced exclusion in their organizing along the lines of race, gender and skill. Today the IWW continues to organize as an alternative to mainstream unions and we celebrate its vision of a labor movement committed to the emancipation of the working class. 

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Reading group / Racism and Class / 11th of July 2019

Angry Workers of the World


At the next meeting of our class struggle reading group we want to get our heads around the current debate on racism and class.

Unsurprisingly the debate is the most advanced in the US – but despite differences in conditions over here we might still get a clearer view on things by engaging with what comrades in the US have to say.

There are many texts to read, we chose a few – if you manage to read the first two of the texts below you be fine. We will try to summarise the other texts at the meeting. If you want to help us with that, please drop us a line:

We meet:
Thursday, 11th of July 2019, 6:30pm
MDR, 88 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1DH

Reading list:

Cedric Johnson

Reply by Kim Moody

Cedric Johnson and the Other Sixties’ Nostalgia

Cedric Johnson

Critical view from ‘Black…

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Universal Credit as a gateway to drug dealing

scottish unemployed workers' network


In addition to this week’s stall, we had a discussion with Davy in central Scotland that underlines the true extent of the damage that Universal Credit is causing. Davy had recently emerged from jail to find nothing waiting for him on the outside. As a result, he was forced to sign up to Universal Credit, and the interminable 5-plus week wait for his payments to come through, meaning that he was also forced to accept an advance payment loan. When he eventually received his first UC payment, he was shocked to find that he was now being forced to survive on £50 per week until his advance payment is paid back in full, which will take months. He admitted that he couldn’t possibly survive on such short rations, and contrasted the way he has been treated on the outside with his experience of prison, where he received three meals a…

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