The police “gathering intelligence” at #KillTheBill protest in Plymouth

Police Monitoring Group - Devon and Cornwall - Bagas Gorwolyas Kreslu

We all notice the police at protests. What many don’t realise, is that some police are there for surveillance – filming us, taking names, and recording it all in a database of “domestic extremists”. You don’t have to do anything to be on the database, just attending a protest is enough. With the G7 Summit in Cornwall fast approaching, we have seen Devon and Cornwall Police send more of these officers to protests. It’s important we learn to recognise them, not just for the sake of privacy, but because those they surveil can become the target for “harassment policing”. People on their database have found themselves followed at protests, had their car number plate flagged, and been targeted for preemptive arrest. We can stop this. Don’t talk to police, and make sure other protesters know what they’re up to. If noone speaks to them there is nothing they can…

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Two articles from Bristol about Porkie Pies

Notts Black Arrow

Update: 4pm today (Saturday) in Nottingham, Forest Fields – details in Tweet:

Here are links two new blog articles that should create resonance in Nottingham considering the past action of the police here, not least as this year it is the 10th anniversary of the ATOS 2 incident where police attempted to stifle protest against medical tests for disability benefits with an wideranging injunction and a dropped case against the two arrested. This was obviously largely politically motivated judging by a police officers’ remark on the arrest that there “had been too much of this sort of thing and we were told to crack down on it”, which echoed the earlier arrests of Nottingham Uncut activists.

It’s also nearly a decade since Nottingham played a part in the days of protests and riots in England following the death of Mark Duggan who was shot dead by police in…

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KSN-Jin International Women’s Day Statement

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

Solidarity message for the women of Kurdistan, and for women’s movements everywhere struggling against femicide, in defense of free women and society, on 8th March, 2021.

women defend rojava poster 2021

Today, wewish tosend a message of strength, courage, solidarity and hopeto allour sisters, and especially to allKurdish women political prisonerscurrentlyon hunger strike in Turkish prisons.

The Kurdish Women’s Movement provides inspiration to women’s movements all over Europe, and for us in England, Wales and Scotland, as an example of collective women’s struggle. Your dignified and strong response to the actions of the Turkish State is inspirational, is gaining increasing support in the national news and in the British Parliament, as well as amongst ordinary people who care about creating a better world and peace in Kurdistan. We salute all the women who demand freedom and who resist in the prison of darkness, such as Laila Guven, Zainab Jalalian and many others.

As feminists…

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Women’s History Month and IWD 2021

East Midlands & Eastern IWW

Women and Non-Binary Events for March.

8 March: Global Women’ Strike – IWW is a named supporter of the global women’s strike. However, if you are unable to support a full strike there are other things you can do. Slow down your work. Taken your proper lunch breaks. Work to contract. Recruit, recruit, recruit. Take a duvet day. More information on the women’s strikes here:

9 March, 7pm:Historian Heather Mayer, author of ‘Beyond the Rebel Girl’ has agreed to speak to us about her book which centres on IWW women in the US North West. Afterwards we will have a discussion about what we can learn from these women to help us organise now. Sign up here:

14 and 21 March, 1pm: Organising for Training for Women and Non-Binary FWs. Sign up here:

16 March, 7pm: Part two of Reclaim the Agenda’s Sexual Harassment…

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Opening of schools must be linked to safety in other workplaces

No Safety No Work

Independent Sage has issued a report detailing how the government should proceed to open schools. It states that schools should be the last to close down in a lockdown and the first to open- not because of the economy- but because of the negative impact on the children themselves.

However, there are certain criteria that must be met in order for schools to open and at the moment, none of these are being met.

From the report


Measures should be taken immediately to ensure that school students can return to in-person learning as soon as possible. These include:

• Tighter regulation of everyday activities to bring down infection rates more quickly. People are still allowed to enter each other’s houses as cleaners, tradespeople and estate agents. Religious gatherings are still permitted. The definition of essential worker is so loosely drawn as to require many more people to attend workplaces…

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Does working from home weaken the working class? By @bluebirdbeta

New Syndicalist

This piece came about from conversations withinIWW Cymru, and we hope that it kicks off discussion in the wider labour movement. A quick note, while many forms of labour take place at home, such as unemployed and unpaid caring, in this piece “work from home” is used to refer to employed and “self-employed” workers who carry out computer-based work, or former office work.


For many years, workers have been told that flexible hours and working from home are impossible demands. But as companies have been forced to adapt to lock-down this perceived common sense has been shattered. This presents a range of possibilities and opportunities for workers who seek more autonomy in how and where they work.

However, trade unions have yet to examine the enormous challenges that arise when people work from home. Despite surface appearances, it is not quite as liberating as we might think…

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Editorial #1 – The Covid crisis facing the whole of humanity

Wessex Solidarity

Angry Workers

In this editorial we look at the general situation of the Covid crisis, the incapability of the ruling class and the need for an independent discussion and practice within the global working class in order to find a way out.

Ever since the Covid pandemic began politicians, journalists, commentators and assorted Dames and Lords have been telling us that the pandemic has revealed the inequalities that exist in our society.

How wonderful that all these highly paid folk have suddenly become aware that many people don’t have large houses, or gardens or incomes or laptops or internet, can’t work from home or don’t even have work or a home.

The people they feel so sorry for knew about inequality long ago. No, what the Covid pandemic has revealed is that all of these people, the Government, Labour opposition, Dame Dildo, Lord Fuckwit – the people that supposedly are in…

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Go Ahead strike going ahead: class struggle round-up for mid-February

Stuart Christie Memorial Archive

Wessex Solidarity

Stuart’s life may have been plastered with headlines, Britain’s most famous anarchist was the usual description, but the small print of it was what was important. His courage, imagination, his loyalty, not just to what he believed in, but to his friends and family, his remarkable intelligence, his self-deprecating, droll and spiky humour. He was a man of parts, each one of them remarkable.

To reveal the richness of Stuart’s life and the many histories he was a part of, we intend to establish a memorial archive in his name. The Stuart Christie Memorial Archive will be housed at the MayDay Rooms in Fleet Street in London.

This project has been brought together by his family, close friends and comrades and is supported by the MayDay Rooms collective. The memorial will include photographs, letters, personal mementoes, art works, his writings, as well as the output of his publishing arms…

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Dear Arthur – A Message to the Gender Police

Brick the …er

Wessex Solidarity

The background to this is an exchange between some wobblies and a character called Arthur Brick in comments under Martin’s New year video, it can be found here: – ed.

A couple of months ago – Long enough for me to have already forgotten about it, I lightheartedly posted a simple phrase “If I can’t dance and be non-binary it ‘aint my revolution”. That’s it. I then forgot all about it. I think Emma wouldn’t mind after all she wanted nice things for everyone and sure embracing yourself for who you want to be is a nice thing.

I was reminded of my post this morning by a person by the name of Arthur, Arthur Brick bless you my dear you clearly feel threatened by the thought of me. I say the thought because you don’t know me and I don’t know you. Arthur wrote under my post “Non-binary?…

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