Help find FW Gaia 18/11/17 at 12:00


Please come to Swanage tomorrow 18/11/17 at 12:00, there is going to be a line search of the area.

People are being asked to self-organise as much as possible.

Meeting points.

1) Durlston Country Park car park: BH19 2JL (South Swanage)

2) King George’s Playing Field car park (main beach car park): BH19 1PW (Swanage town centre)

3) Day’s Park car park: BH 19 1NN (North Swanage)

From the organisers:

“There will be at least one central organiser at each of these sites. We will have maps with a rough grid system. From there, we will be asking you to form long lines with approximately two feet between each person. We will then comb the area looking for any and every sign, clue, or piece of information we can find.”

We have every hope that Gaia is still with us, for the sake of her family and friends, we need to eliminate the alternatives.



This is Parkdale: New short film on the successful rent strike

Cautiously pessimistic

Earlier this year, hundreds of tenants living in flats in the Toronto neighbourhood of Parkdale went on a rent strike against a proposed rent increase, eventually winning substantial concessions from their landlords. Since then, they’ve continued to organise and successfully prevented three evictions. Now, a new short (35 minutes) film from Submedia, This is Parkdale, tells the full story of the rent strike. It should definitely be worth watching; I would also suggest that, if you’re involved in a tenants’ organisation or housing group of some kind, putting on a showing would be a good public event – since it’s only half an hour or so, it would leave plenty of time for discussion afterwards. Submedia also produce a regular series called Trouble that covers a range of topics in depth. Anyway, here’s the film:

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Questionaire for Domestic Work

Angry Workers of the World


A lot of our work-mates live in shared housing, ‘patch-work families’ and other domestic set-ups. This questionaire is meant as a guideline for conversations about proletarian domestic work and wider living conditions. It is a draft version, please send comments

Questionaire: Domestic Work

*** The Friend – Background

Age, Gender, Wage work, Children?

*** The Household

Do you share a room, a flat?
How many people do you live with?
How did you come together?
How did you find the flat?
How long have you been living in this arrangement?
Do you feel like your home is ‘your home’, or is it more ‘the place where i live’? Can you invite friends around?
Do you live as a ‘family’ and what does that mean? What role does family or blood-relations play in your life?

*** The Rent / Finance

How much do you earn (wage, benefits) and how…

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Deliveroo wildcat in Bristol

Cautiously pessimistic

This story is actually a month old, but I missed it at the time. Over the last year or so, organising among Deliveroo workers has become increasingly international, as seen in the actions taken by Deliveroo riders in Berlin this summer, but it’s been hard for those of us not directly involved to keep up with developments ever since a certain group that used to do a really good Deliveroo bulletin got so over-excited about Oh Jeremy Corbyn that they forgot about it.

Anyway, in early October the Bristol Post reported that a group of Deliveroo riders had staged a wildcat over unpaid wages, quoting riders as saying:

“The company said they would pay us £4.25 per delivery to work between 5.30pm and 10pm but we were only paid £3.75. This has happened three or four times before but they always pay the next day. This time twenty-five-plus riders…

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HR Owen dispute: bosses crumble completely, cleaners win their original demands!

Cautiously pessimistic

What a difference a few days can make: a few short days ago, Freddy and Angelica were fired from their jobs for daring to threaten strike action in pursuit of a living wage. As of yesterday, not only have they been reinstated, but they’ve won the wage they were originally demanding. According to the agreed statement:

“Following productive and positive consultations between UVW and Templewood today, 2nd November 2017, we have reached an agreement which will settle this current industrial dispute to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

It has been agreed that the Living Wage will be paid effective immediately to our members, and annual increases will also be made in the month following the Living Wage announcement in the first week of November of each year. Due to the terms of this agreement no further comments will be made in public about this matter.”

This means…

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Joint Statement by CGT, Solidaridad Obrera and CNT About the Situation in Catalonia

Wessex Solidarity

As signatory organizations, unions at state level, we share our concern about the situation in Catalonia, the repression that the state has unleashed, including the diminution of rights and freedoms and the rise of a stale nationalism which is appearing again in much of the state.

We defend the emancipation of all the working people of Catalonia and the rest of the world. Perhaps, in this context, it is necessary to remember that we do not understand the right to self-determination in a statist way, as nationalist parties and organizations proclaim, but as the right to self-organization of our class in a given territory. Thus understood, self-determination passes more by control of production and consumption by workers and by direct democracy from the bottom up, organized according to federalist principles, than by the establishment of a new frontier or the creation of a new state.

As internationalists, we understand that…

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