Support RMT strikes next week, pickets and fundraiser.

RMT striking rail workers are leading the way – join them!

Support solidarity pickets Thursday 18th August
Weymouth Station 10am-12 noon
Bournemouth Station 9am-12.30pm

Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole TUC Strike Fundraiser Wednesday 17 August 7pm

At the Firkin Shed Bournemouth.

Donate to the Dorset RMT strike fund

Name: RMT Dorset Rail Branch Sort Code: 608391 Account No: 33704454

Help support IWW vs Golders Green College!


V has worked at Oxford Colleges International for over 17 years. She has trained most of her colleagues in teaching english as a second languge, and has written a number of revision resources and workbooks for students.

At the end of September, she was informed that at the beginning of next month she would be transferred to a new contract with reduced hours and pay. Her employer has repeatedly refused a consultation meeting with union representation present, and she has been forced to work under protest, on a contract she cannot afford to live on, being denied redundancy pay or proper payment for the 16 days of untaken holiday she had accurred.

We are now taking this case to employment tribunal on the following grounds:

  • Illegally changing contract and employer without consultation, amounting to an unfair dismissal without redundancy pay.
  • Illegally refusing a grievance complaint meeting with union representation present.
  • Repeated failures to send pay over the past year, forcing V to accrue overdraft fees and causing significant financial distress.

While this case goes to employment tribunal, we are looking for funds to support V financially. Direct donations are welcome, or you can buy any one of the learning resources and colouring books on V’s etsy store , each of which will come with a signed thank you note from her.

Thank you for your support

V, and the TEFL Workers’ Union

Riseup Newsletter

Riseup have been showering us with newsletters just lately so we haven’t had time to publish them all, maybe if you send them some money, they’ll ease up!

Hey you!

Yeah you, over there with the big dreams and the sweet heart. Can you give some money to Riseup today? We could really, really use it. Give a little, give a lot! We are super grateful for any and all help to keep our tech collective going.

Why should you support Riseup? Well, we do all kinds of cool stuff, like make new ways to share files securely (, offer some of the safest VPN on the planet (, have cool communication tools (, and provide a ton of email and lists to all of our users.

And why do we do this? The deep reason is we believe in your projects and work, and your right to more secure and private communications. We support tens of thousands of people and groups working on community building, anti-racism, political art, indigenous rights, health care, the environment, and so much more. We support documentary film makers, organic farmers, pipeline resisters, tech activists, people learning more about politics, and people who’ve been part of justice movements for decades, to name a few.

As an Argentinian social activist who uses Riseup to help victims of domestic violence and human trafficking wrote, “The value of having secure means to speak to other people about topics that those in power don’t want to be talked about cannot be overstated.”

We agree! Please keep us existing and thriving.


The Riseup Birds

Also, we have The Super Deluxe Bread and Roses Riseup Raffle [1]

Two lucky people who donate to Riseup will receive a big box of fair trade chocolate, amazing print art, mounted protest photography, top shelf radical science fiction, the blackest coffee, bleeding edge political nonfiction, a 2018 organizer, and more!

If you already have a recurring donation, you will be in the raffle! If you donate through paypal or flattr there will be an email associated with your donation and we will use that to enter you into the raffle. If you are sending a donation by mail, please include an email address with your donation. If you send a wire transfer, please email and provide your donation details.

Huge thanks to the beautiful friends who made these donations possible: : AK Press, Aqueduct Press, Equal Exchange, Justseeds, PM Press, Riseup Coffee, the Slingshot Collective, Linda Wasson (, and our very own Black-collared Jay.

[1] Rose Schneiderman, a labor union activist, coined the phrase “Bread and Roses”, to indicate a worker’s right to something higher than subsistence living

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Message From Riseup: Crisis averted! Krise abgewendet! Crise evitada!

[en] English – Crisis averted!
[de] Deutsch – Krise abgewendet!
[pt] Português – Crise evitada!
[es] Castellano – ¡Crisis superada!
[fr] Français – Une crise évitée
[it] Italiano – Crisi evitata!

[en] English

Crisis averted!

Thanks again to all the people who contributed in September in response to our urgent appeal. Your generous response was overwhelming and inspiring.

Many people grew alarmed after reading our last newsletter, and wrote us to ask how serious our situation actually is. Yes, our financial situation has been dire. It is also true that Riseup has weathered lightning strikes, melting computers, internal conflict, illness, national borders, and a car crash. We cannot confirm the alien abduction. Riseup is a quixotic project: the thing we do is persevere, against all reason.

Somehow it works, but this is not a sustainable way to operate. What would it look like if Riseup was run properly? Help tickets would be answered in a timely manner, our services would be more reliable and more secure, and you would not need a different account for each different service. Most importantly, Riseup would be more accountable and more responsive to the needs of the communities we seek to serve. Although your generous support has averted our current crisis, Riseup does not yet generate the donations or the volunteer labor needed for Riseup to thrive.

This means we are going to keep asking for your support! If you missed out, it is never too late to donate. Please visit

Quota increased

Back in June, we said we would put all donations received that month toward increasing quota. We received enough money to double quota, and we will be increasing quota again as soon as we can. A few things to remember about quota:

* Riseup has a “default” starting quota, but you can also optionally double your quota by logging in at

* If you changed your quota in the past, you do not automatically get higher quota now that the limit has been changed. You need to login to to do this.

* If you would like increased security, and better control over your own data, we suggest that you consider using POP instead of IMAP or web-mail. With POP configured to remove messages from our servers, you will never need to worry about quota or Riseup storing your email. For more information, see:

Security practices for everyone

Computer security is hard, and even big corporations get it wrong most of the time. What is an activist to do? There are four easy first steps that you should take to get started:

(1) Do not open email attachments. Honestly, just don’t do it, ever. Email attachments are the single most common cause of security problems. If you must open an email attachment, first contact the sender and confirm that they sent it. In general, you can never trust the identity of the sender [1].

(2) Use a password manager. Some password managers are better than others, but what really matters is that you start using one. Let your beautiful brain fill up with something better than passwords. Remember one long password, and let the computer remember everything else.

(3) Keep your software and operating system up to date. The sad reality is that technology is a never ending treadmill of doom. If you are running old software, you are probably exposing yourself to all sorts of known vulnerabilities that an attacker can take advantage of.

(4) Check out our Better Web Browsing tutorial:

[1] Technical note: It is possible to verify the identity of the sender, if the message is signed with OpenPGP or S/MIME. Otherwise, even technically savvy people need to exercise extreme caution (for example, DKIM doesn’t prevent domain name homograph attacks, a phishing method using similarly looking characters. Our help page on Phishing – – has more info).

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Riseup financial update [en, de, pt, es, fr, it, el]

[en] English – Riseup financial update

The news is not good

We hate to be bad news birds, but we need to tell you that Riseup will run out of money next month. We had a number of unexpected hardware failures, lower-than-expected regular donations, and a record year of new Riseup users which puts more financial pressure on us than ever before.

We need your help to keep things going this year, so we are starting a campaign to ask Riseup users to give us just one dollar!

Can you give us a dollar? There are a lot of easy ways to do it:
Is it really worth giving just a dollar?

Yes! It might seem inconsequential, but if you and every Riseup user gave us just one dollar, that would  fix our current financial problem.

Riseup is now delivering over a million messages a day, but we need your help if the messages are to keep flowing. You know the importance of alternative infrastructure. You know the importance of communications systems that put people before personal tracking and corporate profiteering. We *need* at least 5% of our users donating monthly to be sustainable. Can you become a monthly donor?
Spread the word

Are you friends with a carrier pigeon? Do you know Morse code? Are you skilled in building signal fires? Help us spread the word about this campaign with your community. You can even use the internet, that might work too.

Not everyone can afford a dollar to donate. We provide services to so many people and social movements around the world, many in places where even one dollar is a lot of money. If you can give us one dollar, maybe you can cover one other person by giving two?

In Europe it is now easy to give to Riseup with a simple bank transfer! Tell your friends that it is finally easy.


Really! Truly! Thanks for all that you do, day in and day out, on our long march toward making the world a better place. If you can, help us continue our work, too. That would be excellent.
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Five reasons to give to Riseup

1. No foundation or grant is going to pay for what we do. Email and lists are not interesting or sexy to the world of foundations and big money. Neither will we ever take money from advertising. So therefore, we look to our users to fund us.

2. You want a world where you can freely communicate with your people. You want it to be easy and not something you need to be a super-techy to accomplish.

3. You want to support Riseup users in China, Syria, and Iran to have free encrypted email that helps keep their information away from their governments (as well as in every other part of the world, too.)

4. You’ve been using Riseup for years and really want to donate even though it seems like a lot of work to set up (it’s super easy.)

5. You want a radical tech collective who went to Federal court two times last year to continue to defend our users right to privacy and send the message to the right-wing that they can’t easily mess with us or you.

Five Ways You Can Raise Money for Riseup:

1. If you are a list administrator, forward these donation emails to the members on your list. The vast majority of people on lists won’t be getting these emails.

2. Are you part of a non-profit? Could you budget $60 a year to give to Riseup?

3. Set up a monthly direct deposit and forget you’re giving us money until you look at your bank statement and think oh yeah, those people, I like them.

4. Throw a party, a concert, or a dinner.

5. Get your university to pay us money to come give a talk about security and surveillance in the digital world.

The Riseup Birds

Ethically and justice-driven Quaker employer in dispute with 3 sacked zero-hour workers

This Thursday afternoon 26th February, 3 sacked zero-hour workers together with their trade union – the Industrial Workers of the World – will hold their sixth peaceful demonstration outside Friends House, opposite Euston train station, the London headquarters of the Religious Society of Friends famously known as the Quaker Church. They will be demanding their immediate reinstatement, but most of all to have their concerns about the misuse of zero-hour contracts by the management team heard by the wider Quaker community.

Hundreds of messages supporting them have already been sent to Paul Parker, British Yearly Meeting Recording Clerk; many have been from Quakers in Britain and around the world, including this one from Brad Laird, South Bend (Indiana) Monthly Meeting:

“I am upset that you have done this and ask you to consider that of God in those whom you have terminated… These workers seem to be standing in higher moral ground than you, the employer.”

The workers will also be officially handing in grievances they hope will be taken seriously by the management team at Friends House. Their union, the Industrial Workers of the World, has approached ACAS in the hope of getting the Friends House management team to begin serious negotiations to resolve the matter.


Picket outside London Friends House

In the absence of any attempt so far from the management team to resolve the issues raised by the 3 sacked workers, their trade union – the Industrial Workers of the World – will continue to support them in their struggle for truth and justice.

Background information

In November 2014 the management team at Friends House, the London headquarters of the Religious Society of Friends famously known as the Quaker Church, sacked 3 of their zero-hour workers. Two of the workers were also trade union representatives for their local Unite Union job branch and also dual card members of another union-the Industrial Workers of the World. All 3 were outspoken members fighting for stopping the use of zero-hour contracts in their “ethical” workplace, and struggled to be transferred onto more stable contracts.

The result of their fight and “speaking truth to the power” was the termination of their contracts without any notice or consultation. This came as quite a shock considering that the Quaker Church is known for relentlessly striving for social justice and peace. The 3 workers were then offered “an opportunity” to apply for part-time fixed-term roles covering the work they did and in such a way that they competed with each other. They refused to take up the false “opportunity” and instead chose to stand in solidarity with each other. In the spirit of Quaker values, which encourage mediation, the sacked workers invited Friends House management team to reinstate the workers and negotiate new contracts of employment, but were turned down.

You can read more messages of support from the workers website. The workers have also organised a petition in order to further publicise their efforts in seeking truth and justice. A crowd fund donation has been organised by the workers union to support their cause: For more information please email: London organiser or London iww

Telephone: 07519671958

Free Kansas City IWW Member Keith Brown El

greenwobsbadgeAn appeal from Kansas City IWW

Keith has been arrested on purely fabricated charges…
You may donate money for a lawyer here:
And keep up with developments here:
Also, if Keith has ever helped you, please write us a letter explaining how he helped.

More information about Keith:

Keith Brown El is a dear friend to many. He is an active member of Missouri CURE, IWW, and IBWC, as well as a volunteer programmer on KKFI’s Jaws of Justice radio program and a tenacious advocate for homeless people and people in prison. Mr. Brown El has been imprisoned in Jackson County Detention Centre since February 10th for a completely bogus weapons charge.

Keith is a well-respected community leader who works tirelessly on justice initiatives and is the epitome of the type of personality that the criminal justice system in the United States should seek to produce.

After 36 years in prison, Keith was finally released in 2008 and has been off parole for several years. He heads an organization in KCMO that advocates for the homeless and is a volunteer programmer on KKFI Community Radio’s Jaws of Justice program. He’s on the board of the Salvation Army and active in many community causes. Keith lives in a senior citizen apartment complex, where he is widely known for helping the older residents, taking them to doctor appointments and watching out for them. He helps unload the Harvest Truck and distributes food within the apartment complex.

Keith has a great compassion for people and all living things. He is highly intelligent with a powerful passion for justice. Keith cannot sit back and do nothing when he witnesses injustice.

For the last 2 years Keith has been Vice-Chairman of Missouri CURE, a prison reform organization, and a valuable member of the IWW’s local IWOC caucus in KCMO. He understands the prison system like few others and works very hard to make a difference in the lives of Missouri prisoners. He believes that if treated humanely, offenders will eventually return to society in a better frame of mind to lead an honest life.