Newham family do not know where they will sleep tomorrow night

Focus E15 Campaign

On Saturday at the Focus E15 street stall, we were approached by a family who have lived in Newham for 18 years. We have just found out that they are going to be evicted tomorrow.

The Father is disabled and they have a 12 year old girl, 5 year old boy and 2 year old boy. This family have lived in the Manor park area for the last 18 years. The father has to have a monthly medical appointment due to his disability, the children are in local nursery and schools and the whole family have made many vital local connections with people. Connections which nurture and strengthen them all.

When this family refused an offer of housing because it was in Tilbury in Essex, outside of London, away from all their connections, the council told the family that they had made themselves ‘intentionally homeless’ for refusing an offer.


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Clean water for the Jordan Valley in occupied Palestine

Wessex Solidarity

You can donate here:

Water. Something we all take for granted until it isn’t there. Unfortunately, for many of the Palestinian residents of the Jordan Valley in occupied Palestine, they can’t take it for granted. Not because of natural disaster or scarcity, but because the Israeli occupation is using access to water as a strategy to drive Palestinians from their land and into the cities.

We at Jordan Valley Solidarity are working together with Palestinian communities and NGOs to rebuild water pipes, re-dig wells and to bring piped, fresh water to isolated communities so that these communities can continue to resist the ethnic cleansing of their land.

Where is the Jordan Valley?

The Jordan Valley is the easternmost third of the occupied West Bank and runs from the border with 1948 Israel in the north to the Dead Sea in the south. It is part of the Great Rift…

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Fast food shutdown! Call for national couriers strike on October 4th

Cautiously pessimistic

To coincide with the joint McDonalds/Wetherspoons/TGI Fridays strike on October 4th, the IWW couriers network are calling for UberEats and Deliveroo couriers to join the action:

“Calling all couriers!

The last month has seen coordinated work stoppages and protests in four cities, as UberEats and Deliveroo drive down pay.

On the 4th October, to coincide with strikes at #McDonalds, #Wetherspoons and #TGIFridays demanding £10 per hour, we will come out on the street, refuse to take orders and make our own demand of £5 per delivery!!

We will show courier firms and restaurants that if they want to provide a reliable service to their customers that they have to listen to their workers!

Spread the Word, Organise a demo, petition restaurants to turn off their delivery app in solidarity!”

The IWGB’s United Private Hire Drivers branch have also endorsed the call to action, so it…

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Basildon Labour s*** stirring over traveller sites

The South Essex Heckler - Archive

The above image is from a leaflet being distributed by the Labour Party in Basildon in the early stages of the run up to the local elections next May. Dale Farm II is a pretty emotive heading to use given the controversy surrounding the eviction of Dale Farm towards the end of 2011. While Basildon Labour start off by criticising the changes to the Local Plan initiated by the Tory administration running Basildon Council, it soon starts to play on fears of another Dale Farm type of settlement.

This is nothing more than Labour cynically grabbing what votes it can by appealing to anti-traveller sentiment in the area. Mentioning the lack of discussions with the police pretty much implies that the whole of the traveller community is a problem. Imagine implying that all Jews or the whole of the LGBTQ movement is a problem…it wouldn’t be allowed to happen without…

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5 ways to be an ace Antifa

Anti-Fascist Network

By Berkshire Antifascists

The DFLA are coming to London on October 13th. Wanna know you can help out and be a proper-good-Antifa? Well now that Antifa has become an SEO friendly term, you can’t move for thinkpieces and blog posts. We thought we’d join in with our very own listicle. We’re like, totally top content-creator millenials too, you know.

Jez 2

  1. Don’t make new myths to bust old myths.

There is definitely a need for explanation when it comes to Antifa. It can look terrifying, at best confusing, when you see a gaggle of mask wearing rogues marching down your street or on the telly.

But don’t feed the fire.

There’s no secret handshake. We haven’t taken a vote on gun control. We’re not all men. We don’t have a ‘hard as nails only’ ethos’. We don’t have secret UV tattoos. We’re absolutely anything but a homogenous group, so no one person…

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JCB distribution centre blockaded in solidarity with Khan al-Ahmar

Wessex Solidarity

From Corporate occupation

A group of activists closed down the JCB distribution centre in Derby, UK, this morning to protest the company’s involvement in demolitions of Palestinian homes. The activists locked themselves together in front of the JCB centre in order to prevent lorries from entering or leaving.

JCB has been targeted in response to the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) National Committee’s (BNC) call last week in response to the threat of destruction of an entire Palestinian village. The Israeli state is currently attempting to destroy the village of Khan al-Ahmar, using equipment provided by JCB and other companies.

The Palestinian BNC gave the following statement: “Popular struggle and international solidarity have defended Khan al-Ahmar until today from expulsion, and have stopped the bulldozers manufactured by international corporations from inflicting destruction … It is the role of the BDS movement to mobilize global pressure against Israel’s impunity in…

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Newham resident bullied and threatened with ‘intentional homelessness’.

Focus E15 Campaign

Focus E15 campaign has been working with residents from a hostel called Brimstone House in Stratford. People are living in this hostel with no end in sight as this ‘temporary’ accommodation stretches on for years. The residents are angry about their living conditions and are getting organised together as they want to move out, but they insist on their right to be housed in East London, near to their jobs, schools, families and support networks.

The following resident’s story highlights how being threatened with being moved out of London has an effect on mental health.

Focus E15 campaign caught up with this resident (who wishes to remain anonymous) at the Focus E15 street stall last Saturday.

A resident from Brimstone House’s story

This is a mother with a 5 year old child. She has been living in Brimstone house for 12 months and was initially told it was emergency accommodation…

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Ubereats wildcat continues and spreads to Plymouth: workplace round-up for mid-September