IWW Greece Announcement Regarding The Referendum.

145x141xGreece.png.pagespeed.ic.r1WGZWJN-PDo the times hold dilemmas?

The appeal to the referendum by “for the first time” Left government was the natural outcome of a futile political negotiation which aimed “to have its cake (capital) and eat it too” (to satisfy both its needs and those of institutions). To be sure, this frame of negotiations took place without the real subject that shall pay the cost of remaining in Europe, whether in Euro or drachma, that is the working class, the unemployed, the precarious workers, the immigrants and the pensioners. The point is that, despite the Left tone of dignity that the Left governmental administrators use, this is a one-way blackmail. We need a radical change of shift, not in words but in action.

In today’s circumstance, the workers have one and only choice. We have to stand out, with all our strength, against the big interests, which gradually sink the workers to abjection. The future will be dark, and people shall suffer privations, if we do not fight back these adverse predictions. We have only one hope to in order to prevent this tidal wave of misery and evils. This hope, this tool, is solidarity. Every worker must support the interest of his/her class, no matter where he/she lives in the world or where he/she comes from, no matter if he/she is male/female, young or aged. What is important is that we stay united. Every loss for a worker is loss for all of us and every gain for a part of the working class is a victory for all.

The government serves and shall always serve the interests of the ruling class. We believe that the government is bound to act in this way, especially now, that the workers have started to claim their rights. Although the government sometimes gives a benefit as a bait, in order to confuse our judgment and eliminate our decisiveness, it is certain that what we shall get is the brutality and the authoritarian oppression by the security forces and a cell in jail. Direct action, along with solidarity, are the key to success.

The only tactic of fight and resistance that we can trust is what we have already put under our own control and tried in action. In order to defend ourselves we must firstly defend the working class as a whole, united like a fist.

Therefore, there are no dilemmas. “The working class and the employing class have nothing in common”. This is written in the preamble of the constitution of I.W.W.! The same goes when we entrust ourselves to the state, the governments and authority in general, whatever its origins. This is one obvious truth dictated by logic, and it would be against our interest to ignore it.

We can make it! Education, Organization, Emancipation. These are the three goals written on the three stars of I.W.W.’s emblem. Educating, ourselves first of all, and our co-workers. Organizing ourselves and our co-workers too. Emancipating our class, in conflict, in war and emancipating the Earth that feeds and bears us.

Capitalism cannot improve –It must be overcome. The same goes for all governments.
General Strike NOW!

Industrial Workers of the Word (IWW) -Greece, Regional Organizing Commitee (GreROC) Contact

Dorset wobblies extend our solidarity to the Greek Working Class.

Another win for Dorset IWW

direct action

On a frosty Sunday January morning this year I was cycling to work and skidded on a patch of frost. I came off my bike and injured my shoulder. I phoned work immediately to tell them I wouldn’t make it to work.

The company I work for do pay limited sick pay after a years service and I was eligible for this. Imagine then my surprise to get my pay slip and find and entry logged as ‘Unauthorised abscence…-£53.99’.

I raised this with my boss. ‘Yeah but you only gave us 10 minutes notice he said you have to give us 2 hours if you’re going to report sick’.

‘Fuck that’ was the first thought that went through my mind but I knew that would be counter productive so I pointed out to my boss that my sick record was better than average and that I could hardly expect to give 2 hours notice when I was sprawled all over the road with a shoulder injury 15 minutes before being due at work.

He conceded the point. ‘It’ll be in your next pay cycle’ he informed me. Ok fair enough. February pay cycle came and went, March Came and went, April too. Nothing.

Late in April I upped the anti and told my boss I wasn’t happy with this prevarication and indolence in quite forceful terms.

The reply went something like this “I’ve got a lot to do running this store I can’t think of everything”. My reply? “Thats not my problem thats what you get your film star salary for. 53 quid might not be a lot to you but its a lot to me. This is now a union matter”.

Im dual carded being in both USDAW and the IWW and he knows it. He also knows that the IWW won’t shirk direct action. What he couldn’t have known is which of the two unions I would raise the issue with (I raised it with both).

USDAW’s response ‘Raise a grievance and put it in writing it’s part of the national agreement’. Fucking reformist beaurocrats.

Dorset wobs response? ‘Thats wages theft if you don’t get a result we’ll take direct action’

I have just picked up my paycheque and hey presto sick pay duly paid.

During the final confrontation we did have a bit of a shouting match and I didn’t back down. 10 minutes after this my boss apologised for shouting at me and said ‘That’s done’

Don’t take any shit from the boss. Stand up to them.

Direct action or even the faintest hint of it in this case worked. This was dealt with at a local level without the need for beaurocratic reformist bollocks.

Without what I have learn’t from being in the IWW I’m not at all sure that this would ever have been resolved or that I would get a result at all.

A Dorset Wobbly.

Deal or No Deal


I work part-time (16 hours) at South West branch of a well known national chain of grocery stores that like to publicise themselves as ethical and a mutual.

At a management briefing today a pay deal has been announced for the next two years amounting to 10.2 percent with 8.2 percent being paid in October 2015 and 2% in October 2016. This pay rise has been restricted to Floor staff and 1st line team leaders.

Whilst on the surface this may seem a good deal it is flawed at the most fundamental level. Most workers are on short time contracts; anything from 8 to 20 hours and for many of them especially those drawing in-work benefits this pay rise is no rise at all.

Colleagues drawing such benefits as Housing Benefit, Tax credits, Pension credit or any other means tested benefits probably will not get a pay rise because their hourly rate will increase and their means tested subsidies will go down cancelling out any advantage.

Team leaders are mostly on full time contracts of 35 hours and above so will probably derive some short term benefit from this deal before inflation cancels it out.

USDAW will probably crow about this deal from the rooftops whilst urging it’s members to vote Labour and will be busy trying to avoid dislocating it’s collaborationist shoulder whilst it pats itself on the back about ‘delivering’ for it’s membership who pay the eye watering salaries to its office bearers enjoying privileged jobs for life at the members expense.

This is a lousy deal for all workers whichever way you stack it up. It reinforces division between workers in an artificial hierarchy, it does nothing for the lowest paid and most exploited workers, it gives a collaborationist union that frequently negotiates ‘no-strike’ deals with exploitative employers just to get recognition at work a superficial piece of meaningless publicity.

The long term vision of the Industrial Workers of the World must remain in place. There can be no peace until the wages system is done away with and workers in all endeavours of the means of production whether agrarian or industrial are fully in democratic control.

Reformism and collaboration are not the tools of working class emancipation.

The struggle goes on.

A Worker.