Press Release: Gaia Pope family release search guide for loved ones of missing people on third anniversary of teenager’s death

Justice For Gaia

  • Gaia’s Guide: a Community Organising Guide to Help Keep Missing People Safe has been produced in memory of Dorset teenager Gaia Pope, who went missing on 7 November 2017 and whose body was discovered three years ago today.
  • Gaia Pope’s disappearance made national headlines in 2017 with thousands of people joining the public effort to find her.
  • From today the guide, backed by Missing People and designed for friends and family when someone disappears, will be available to download online for free.

The family of Dorset teenager Gaia Pope have today released Gaia’s Guide: a Community Organising Guide to Help Keep Missing People Safe, three years to the day since the 19-year-old’s body was found on a coastal path near her hometown of Swanage in Dorset. Pathologists found that Gaia died from hypothermia and the inquest is due to take place in May 2021. Senior Coroner for Dorset Rachael Griffin…

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Statement demanding that no more babies die in prison

Wessex Solidarity

End the imprisonment of pregnant people and the avoidable deaths of babies in prison

Prisoner Solidarity Network (IWOC)

We are prisoners, ex-prisoners, academics, health workers, local councillors and social justice groups who were outraged and broken-hearted to hear the news that two babies have needlessly died in prison in the last year. We call on the Ministry of Justice to release all pregnant people immediately and to put measures in place in the courts to end the imprisonment of those who are pregnant.

One baby died at HMP Bronzefield a year ago in September 2019 and another at HMP Styal in June 2020. In both cases the mother gave birth in a prison cell rather than at hospital. The prisons and the Ministry of Justice have refused to release information publicly about why the mothers were not taken to hospital, despite being in labour. These deaths, and the resulting trauma…

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Repression/legal/prison news for mid-November, and other notes

Cautiously pessimistic

Undercover Policing Inquiry: Outrage at “Brick wall of silence” – In the  global war between rich and poor,

On the legal/repression front in the UK, the big news in recent weeks has been the start of the undercover policing inquiry. On that note, I can’t really add anything to the work of the Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance, who’ve been doing a great job of providing indepth daily summaries. One note worth paying attention to is that blacklisted construction worker Dave Smith was banned from mentioning the name of Carlo Sorrachi, the real name of one of the undercovers who spied on him, even though Sorrachi’s name is already in the public domain. Reel News have a short (4 minute) video on the inquiry you can watch here.

Orgreave Truth & Justice Flag/ Banner

Staying with the theme of inquiries and historic state wrongdoing, there’s a bit of news from the Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign. Convictions of Scottish miners from the 1984-5 strike are due to be overturned, and the…

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Interview Series: Workers’ Power during the Lockdown

Time to have your say!

Let's Get Rooted

Dear friends,

‘Let’s get rooted’ invites you to take part in a series of interviews about the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the situation at work and how the current movements against police violence reverberate where we work.

Interviews are at the centre of getting organised to struggle for better conditions. We think we have a lot to learn from other workers and we think being interviewed and taking part in detailed conversations can also help us to look at our own workplace from new perspectives.

Like in any crisis, the normal power relations between workers and bosses is shaken up. With the interviews we want to understand what conflicts have emerged since the lockdown; to what extent workers have had to take over more control in order to make work safe or possible at all; how the economic crisis has changed things at work; if the bosses can…

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IWW Scotland Blog

On Saturday 7th November, Clydeside IWW members gathered on Great Western Road to draw attention to poor conditions for shopworkers in retail establishments in Glasgow. 

The campaign started when employees at the Glasgow Vintage Company got organised following cuts to hours, poor hygiene, and lack of job security at their workplace following the COVID-19 outbreak in March.
After attempts at constructive dialogue with bosses to improve conditions, several workers had to leave to pursue more secure jobs and one staff member of almost two years was fired. At least one other worker has been fired since after challenging the bosses about broken promises regarding pay and hours.
Great Western Road is a busy pedestrian area so by taking to the street at peak time for shoppers, we were able to reach many members of the public, handing out flyers and talking to people who have experienced similar problems in their…

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Class strategy: Interview with Red and Black Notes

Angry Workers of the World


In October, our group participated in a discussion on salting, industrialising, and other related strategies that have the common theme of seeking employment in particular jobs for political reasons. One of the texts was“In Defence of Working Class Existence as a Choice”, by the UK-based group Angry Workers of the World.

The Angry Workers are a collective of communists who made the strategic decision to move to a working class neighbourhood of London and take jobs in the low-wage but large-scale industries of the area. A short introduction to their project can be viewedhere on LabourNet.TV’s YouTube channel.

I can’t think of any better way to put this, but how does AWW or the Let’s Get Rooted local groups recruit? Among socialists in western democracies at least — you stand out as pursuing a strategy that requires a lot more commitment than most socialists…

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