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Use share.riseup.net to share files with your people

A friendly reminder about one of our favorite Riseup tools:

share.riseup.net. It’s useful for when you want to share something with your comrades, but your file is too big for an email attachment. Share.riseup.net temporarily shares those large files. Simply press the upload button, select your file, and then share the URL with anyone who you want to share the file with. The link will work for about a week.

To get more technical, share.riseup.net is an easy to use client-encrypted “pastebin” and “imagebin” that we host. When you share a file, it is encrypted before leaving your computer, so we don’t have a copy of what you are sharing. Please note: this kind of client-side encryption, where the program comes from the server can be bypassed if the provider adds a back door. We don’t have a back door, but it is difficult to verify this. For security where you are not putting your trust in anyone, you need to use an encryption application that is not web-based.

Accessibility Help

Riseup offers lots of services, and we know all of you have different bodies with different abilities and barriers in the daily use of these services.

Our core mission is to make liberated communications for all, and we want to make Riseup easier for all bodies to use. We need your help to do that. If you have difficulty using Riseup, please tell us about it by writing to accessibilty@riseup.net. From your feedback, we will know where we should focus our efforts to improve the accessibility of Riseup services.

Your Sent mail folder

We no longer are doing automatic deletion of messages that are older than 120 days from your “Sent” folder. Beware: now this folder can pile up with all of your manifestos and eat up your quota. Messages in “Trash” will still be deleted after 21 days, and messages in “Spam” will still be deleted after 7 days.


Thanks to all the thousands of people who gave us money over the last couple of months to keep us going. This project to bring secure communication tools to the unruly masses is our heart and soul, and you make it possible. Any more money any of you can donate would be amazing.



Some thoughts on the IWW union debate in the US

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Angry Workers of the World

images.jpegA friend of ours wrote a contribution to the current debate within the IWW in the US:


One of us wrote down some thoughts:

I read your recent article on the IWW-caucus debates and want to share a few thoughts. We suggested discussing the article together with contributions from both WRUM and IUC at an informal smile meeting with, amongst others, comrades from IP (Workers’ Initiative, Poland) and El Salariado (Spain) in September – hopefully we can expand on the discussion after the meeting.

First of all, I share your criticism of IWW formalism based on my one year experience of being a member of the IWW in the UK. Too much time and effort is spent on keeping the structure going and re-shuffling it. Actual exchange of working class experiences is minimal, both because the exchange of, e.g. workplace reports or reports about local / town-wide proletarian experiences…

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Is Testogel available in Japan?

Trans in Japan

Is Testogel available in Japan? A question which has been causing me some confusion as of late, since I seem to get different answers depending on who I ask.

When I was first given my prescription for hormones it was suggested that I use Testogel as this would be easiest for me get hold of and self-administer during my travels. As in the UK Testogel is class C drug (ergo unavailable to purchase without a prescription) I assumed that I would need to find a clinic in Japan where I could receive a Japanese prescription. However, when I emailed the Nagumo clinic, a Japan-based gender identity clinic, to ask if I could see them in order to get a prescription I was surprised to be told that I didn’t actually need one.

“androgel is sold in pharmacies, but a prescription is unnecessary. There is the option of buying it yourself…

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Bristol, Sunday 10th September

these queers bash back

Carnival against fascism

A day of partying, resistance and PRIDE!

On the 10th September a group calling itself ‘Gays against Sharia’ is coming to Bristol to try to spread their Islamophobic and racist agenda. This is a blatant attempt by the far-right to tokenise LGBTQIA+ communities and use us for their own ends.

This has been tried before in Bristol: in 2012, the EDL marched on the same day as Pride. While their PR insisted they weren’t homophobic, their violent attacks on gay men on the day told another story.[0]

Let’s not be fooled by their latest clumsy attempt to wrap fascism in a rainbow flag.

We will not be used to spread oppression that would inevitably turn straight back on us. History shows that wherever these bigots gain momentum by scapegoating one group (Muslims and migrants today, Jews in the 30s) they target us soon after.

So we are planning to…

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Hello, and welcome!

Our roving Fellow Worker

Trans in Japan

Hello, thanks for visiting! For my first post I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself, and why I have decided to write this blog.

I am a third year BA Japanese student currently studying at the University of London.  As part of my degree programme I will be studying as an exchange student at Kobe University in Japan for 1 year! Although I am excited to be able to spend so much time in a country which I have been drawn to since I was very young, as a FtM (female to male) transgender I depart for my study year abroad with some apprehension.

Back in 2014 I legally changed my name to Phoenix Charles, but I was not “out” to many of my friends at University until April of this year when I decided to fully come out to all of my friends on Facebook. I…

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