Cleaners win at the LSE!

Cautiously pessimistic

This week saw an impressive victory for organised workers, as the “LSE 3” – three cleaners who were sacked at the London School of Economics – have been reinstated following a campaign by the United Voices of the World union. It’s apparently the first time that their employer, Noonan, has ever overturned this kind of a decision.

The United Voices of the World union celebrating at LSE.

The UVW have certainly been keeping themselves busy lately, with a very impressive list of activities in the first few months of this year, including holding a vigil for a worker who passed away from a heart attack that seems to have been caused by workplace bullying and stress.

Not content to rest on their laurels, they’re now launching an ambitious attempt to organise Topshop, and are asking people to turn up at the Oxford Street Topshop on March 12th to support their demand for the London Living Wage.

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Tory Think Tank Gives The Game Away – Benefit Sanctions Are About Keeping Wages Low

the void

The 'reservation wage' is an economic term which means the lowest possible amount that greedy bosses can get away with paying people. The ‘reservation wage’ is an economic term which means the lowest possible amount that greedy bosses can get away with paying people.

A chilling vision of the future has been presented by Tory think-tank Reform who have called for all out of work sickness and disability benefits to be scrapped, even for the most seriously ill, alongside a Jobcentre programme of forced medical treatment.

In a report published this month Reform argue that paying those with serious health conditions more money than those simply on the dole acts as a disincentive to find employment.  Instead every claimant, no matter how unwell, should receive just over £70 a week, although they concede that this should be combined with an increase in Personal Independence Payments – the benefit paid to those either in or out of work which is intended to cover the additional costs of living with a disability.   Many people…

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Solidarity with The Battle for Bootle!

Liverpool IWW


All of the HMRC offices in Bootle and Netherton – The Triad, Litherland House, St John’s House and Comben House – are set to close by or before 2020. This will result in job losses and devastate the local economy, putting many businesses particularly along Stanley Road who rely on HMRC staff custom to survive at risk of closure. Around 3,000 staff face a move to Liverpool.

The Battle For Bootle is a worker and community run campaign aimed at defending jobs and the local community.  They are currently building up support from local businesses, PCS and Unite unions, Stand up in Bootle group and well as the community in general. There is a planning meeting at 6pm at the Jawbone Tavern in Bootle this Wednesday 17th and a march through Bootle is organised for 16th March to coincide with Budget Day. IWW members are urged to attend.

There is also…

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It seems that our beloved Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Rhymes-with-naughty-word Hunt doesn’t really have to expend much effort to totally piss off the working class.

This was proven beyond doubt by the picket that assembled from a number of unions (Dorset IWW, Unite and that Bakers one that gave Hovis a tough time over 0 hours contracts) in solidarity with the BMA outside Bournemouth Hospital at 8.30 on a freezing cold 10th february morning.

The depth to which this toff twat can piss off the working class couldn’t have been made clearer by a solidly determined member of Dorset IWW who was in hospital at the time with an extremely painful back injury that’s going to take a long time to heal.

Our brave and stalwart comrade left her sick bed in only light hospital clothing and somehow made her way to the picket line outside where she stood for 15 minutes in solidarity with the junior doctors. Frozen solid and in excrutiating agony the antics of tory tof cunt Hunt it seems can dull the physical discomfort with the anger it creates. Fellow worker we salute you.

Well Hunt here’s a message for you. If you can piss us off so that we’ll leave our sick beds and let you know what we think of you when we’re fit be very very afraid. One day we’re going to catch up with you and you have a problem pal.

Solidarity with the Junior Doctors. Whereve the Junior Doctors stand Dorset IWW stands with them. An injury to one is an injury to all; literally in this case.

JUSTICE FOR KEVAN THAKRAR: Blatant and despicable miscarriage of justice. Thursday 18 February 12.30pm – 2.30pm

Wessex Solidarity

JOIN THE PROTEST Thursday 18 February 12.30pm – 2.30pm HM Prison Service Headquarters Clive House, 70 Petty France LONDON SW1H 9EX

Nearest Station: St James’s Park underground station, a 5 minute walk. Buses: Any buses stopping at New Scotland Yard then continue along Victoria Street then turn left on to Caxton Street then turn right on to Palmer Street, continue until you will reach Petty France.

Kevan Thakrar Urgently Needs Your Support!

kevKevan Thakrar was found not guilty of attacking three prison officers and vindicated by evidence that showed he acted in self-defence after months of racial, physical and psychological abuse. Any court ruling that goes against prison officers is VERY unusual. Kevan continues to be held in isolation in the prison services ‘Close Supervision Centres’ more than six years later, no doubt as retribution for his court victory.

Organised by Justice for Kevan Thakrar. (Full detailsabout Kevan’s wrongful…

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Working Full Time And Think You’re Safe From The Jobcentre? Not If The DWP Get Their Way.

the void

When I click my fingers you will wake up, and all your benefits will have been stopped. Are you striving hard enough? The nudge unit is watching you.

A study released by the DWP today shows that tens of thousands of Tax Credits claimants  – some of them with full time jobs – have received letters and texts encouraging them to contact government busy-bodies for advice on how to increase their earnings by finding a new job or gaining promotion.

This startling fact is contained in an evaluation of the ‘In-work progression advice trial’ quietly carried out in 2014.  This pilot scheme, run by the DWP in conjunction with the shadowy Nudge Unit, involved 75,000 Tax Credit claimants receiving a letter encouraging them to contact the National Careers Service for advice on how to progress in work.  Around half of participants also recieved a text message.

Claimants were chosen largely at random from those earning a monthly income of £330–£960, so those working full-time at the then…

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