Update: Dorset Wobs at Boscombe Community Earth Day Festival, Sunday 22nd April

Dorset GMB had a great time over the weekend getting out there and explaining who we are and what it is we do alongside people who are dedicated to making the world a better place to live.

If you didn’t get a chance to speak to us you can do so via the ‘Get in touch!’ section above, or drop us a line at dorset@iww.org.uk

We plan to host more stalls across Dorset in the coming months… So watch this space!

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dorsetiww, (April 21, 2018 @ 13:07:32):

Dorset IWW will have a stall at Boscombe sovereign centre tomorrow (Sunday) come and say hello. facebook event


Anarchy by the Sea! Dorset Radical Bookfair 3rd June 2017

Callout now for stalls (£10 each) and meetings. Visit dorsetbookfair.wordpress.com or contact dorsetbookfair@riseup.net

Cynical Commissioning Group: tell ’em to back out!

grimreaperThe public consultation on Dorset’s Clinical Services Review is underway. The proposed cuts will devastate our healthcare. In short, 25% fewer hospital beds, 50% fewer G.P. surgeries, parts of the county left without accessible emergency trauma, paediatric or maternity services

Here’s their survey: the questions are deliberately leading, and vague.

If they get a positive response they will take it as carte blanche to do whatever they like. We therefore ask you to “strongly disagree” with everything, and where you choose “Another option”, demand that services are retained as they are and properly funded. We already have the lowest per capita spending on health services in the industrialised world

You’ll need to include your Dorset Postcode to prove you live in Dorset. Ooh Arr!

Dorset IWW Wob Kitchen at Tolpuddle 15-17/07/2016.

wobkitchen1 The brief for the weekend was quite simple and that was to produce up to 225 vegan meals with running fruit, bread and preserves, in addition to hot and cold drinks over the course of the three day festival for a maximum cost of £125, to be given free to workers that wished to eat and drink.

After arriving at about 13:00 on the Friday a pit was scraped out so that the burner could be sited safely with a wind break set around it to help in fuel saving because of lessons learned from Tolpuddle 2015. A six-foot table was set up for vegetable prep as well as a small serving area, whilst the underneath was used for keeping recycled items separate: glass, tins and cardboard with a separate non-recyclable waste area set up away from the food preparation area. Two large containers of cold water were filled and carried back to the cooking area by workers.

Some advanced preparation of vegetables and Brown rice was done before leaving for Tolpuddle in order to make the first evening meal of Vegetable Chilli and Rice very quick and easy to produce.

When this was eaten workers replenished the cold water and washed up the equipment, water was boiled and left in two large Thermos flasks for people to make tea or coffee and a supper of instant soup and bread if they wanted it. After socialising, workers went about the business of enjoying the festival for the evening.

Saturday morning dawned and a breakfast of hot fresh fruit salad and or cereals with Tea, Coffee, squash, bread and preserves was produced and eaten. A delivery of shopping had been pre-arranged, and workers went to the roadside and carried the shopping for the rest of the weekend back and sorted in to the respective meals that it would be used for. Yet more hot water was boiled for the Thermos flasks, the cold was replenished for the running drinks, and vegetable preparation completed for the vegetable bolognaise for lunch, and curry with couscous for the evening meal.

As was normal the area was tidied up, the washing up done, the cold water replenished and water boiled after each meal for drinks, with waste and recyclables taken to their respective collection points. After this some home made pickled onions and grog (rum lime juice and water) were made available for workers to try if they wished, and water boiled for the packet soup and Tea and coffee.

Sunday morning we had baked beans with cooked fresh tomatoes and garlic mushrooms, as well as bread and preserves with tea coffee water and squash, and a BBQ for the use of workers to cook meat products they could cook for themselves after breakfast had finished.

Lunch was sweet and sour vegetables with vegan chow mein noodles with fresh fruit, before the IWW joined the Radical Workers Bloc for the march through Tolpuddle, that as always was a noisy and fun affair with many black and red flags, hunt saboteurs, IWW and anarchist flags as well as others flying.

After this the Wob kitchen was packed away, all left over food was left for workers to eat if they were staying over night, or to take away with them as a packed lunch if they wished.

A brilliant weekend, thanks must go to the FW that helped massively with the vegan menu, as well as the workers that helped out with the work that allowed the Wob kitchen to feed some 140 hot meals over the three days, as well as the running hot and cold drinks and suppers for the Friday and Saturday night safely and cleanly.

– Les.

From Veterans for Peace Southampton.


Veterans for Peace Southampton is slowly coming together and has formed some useful links with other organizations along the South Coast.

Late May saw a flurry of last minute invitations to take part in various events which VFP members attended.

Saturday May 28th We were invited by CND Dorset to assist with a leaflet outreach and information tent opposing the renewal of the Trident submarine based missile system. It went well.

Sunday May 29th VFP were invited to a ‘Chalk and Talk’ in Boscombe Gardens, Bournemouth on the subject of anti Militarism and the Military Industrial Complex. This invitation was issued by Dorset Peoples Assembly a local offshoot of The Peoples Assembly in London. Again it went well with a lively open discussion and some superb pavement artistry by Stewart MacArthur

Monday May 30th We were invited to host an evening of film and discussion by the Wessex Radical Film Collective and Autonomy Films of Bridport featuring ‘Action Man Battlefield Casualty’ and news items by Reel News. This was held at ‘The Firkin Shed’ in Bournemouth.

Thanks to our fabulous host Paul who gave up his day off to open the pub uniquely to us to host the event.

Forthcoming events in which VFP have been invited to participate :-

July 1st 2016 09.30 Bournemouth War Memorial. Peace Vigil and floral tributes for all victims of all sides both Military and Civilian during the Battle of the Somme in 1916 this day 100 years ago.

all-of-usAugust 13th 2016 Cliff top Picnic and Kite flying event inspired by ‘Fly Kites not Drones’ generally seen as an antidote to Bournemouth Air Show which has been Militarised in the extreme. This event is the weekend before the main Air Show to minimise any risk of confrontations /upset.

Veterans for Peace now have associations with several organizations in our region who share our common values and goals.

Dorset CND

Dorset Peoples Assembly

Dorset General Membership Branch of The Industrial Workers of the World who voted unanimously at their last branch meeting to support the work of VFP.

Stewart MacArthur – Street and Pavement Artist.

Autonomy Films Bridport.

Individuals too numerous to mention to whom many thanks.

Photographs from ‘Chalk and Talk’ 29/5/2016. Bournemouth.


stewarts work VFP SOUTHAMPTON

Day of action in support of Topshop two.

A spur of the moment protest in support of United Voices of the World union’s day of action against topshop, for their poverty wages and anti-union practices.

Dorset wobs assembled outside the shop at criterion arcade, in Bournemouth town centre with a couple of sheets of cardboard and proceeded to make placards; this attracted attention straight away. We hadn’t managed to get any leaflets printed in time so departed from the usual tactic of haranguing passers-by and pressing paper into their hands. Standing and walking around with our placards and banner we found people actually slowed down to read and engage with us rather than marching past with their heads down as usual. We had some interesting conversations and made some good contacts. We were later joined by comrades from Dorset Radical assembly.

The management was alerted to our presence when a punter returned the goods they had just bought, in protest, cops came and went. By the end of the day we had two new members. Our Hampshire group with Southampton Direct Action Initiative picketed the branch in Above Bar street simultaneously – and they had fliers!





It seems that our beloved Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Rhymes-with-naughty-word Hunt doesn’t really have to expend much effort to totally piss off the working class.

This was proven beyond doubt by the picket that assembled from a number of unions (Dorset IWW, Unite and that Bakers one that gave Hovis a tough time over 0 hours contracts) in solidarity with the BMA outside Bournemouth Hospital at 8.30 on a freezing cold 10th february morning.

The depth to which this toff twat can piss off the working class couldn’t have been made clearer by a solidly determined member of Dorset IWW who was in hospital at the time with an extremely painful back injury that’s going to take a long time to heal.

Our brave and stalwart comrade left her sick bed in only light hospital clothing and somehow made her way to the picket line outside where she stood for 15 minutes in solidarity with the junior doctors. Frozen solid and in excrutiating agony the antics of tory tof cunt Hunt it seems can dull the physical discomfort with the anger it creates. Fellow worker we salute you.

Well Hunt here’s a message for you. If you can piss us off so that we’ll leave our sick beds and let you know what we think of you when we’re fit be very very afraid. One day we’re going to catch up with you and you have a problem pal.

Solidarity with the Junior Doctors. Whereve the Junior Doctors stand Dorset IWW stands with them. An injury to one is an injury to all; literally in this case.