Anti Workfare Pickets. IWW Dorset

boycottworkfareA local Co-operative store in Bournemouth has chosen to sign up to use the exploitative practice of Workfare or government work programme.

IWW Dorset are outraged that a store that promotes itself as an “ethical employer” is prepared to put fellow workers jobs at risk, as well as paying the workfare participant less than minimum wage.

We demand that Co-operative put an immediate end to this exploitative practice and offer the workfare participant a contract of employment and treat them as an equal team member.

As such we are proposing a rolling picket to inform customers of the situation and allow them to make up their own minds what action they are prepared to take if any.

We are therefore looking for volunteers to man the picket, handing out leaflets at convenient times between 7am and 11pm ongoing as and when people are available.

The picket will operate at any times when we can get 3 or more people to man it.

Leaflets and guidance will be provided for all volunteers.

If you want to help with this action please be in touch, in the first instance by emailing with any availability. Someone will then be in contact with you with further details and rota slots will be prepared.

Solidarity – See you on the streets!

ADVOCACY IS NOT A CRIME!- Solidarity with Tony Cox. Britain Wide Demo.

IWW Scotland Blog

In solidarity with arrested Dundonian welfare advocate Tony Cox from Scottish Unemployed Workers Network(SUWN),  the IWW, Edinburgh Anarchist Federation and Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty (ECAP) will join a host of groups including (SUWN themselves) who will take part in a Britain wide day of action in solidarity with him.
Tony Cox was arrested on 29th January after Arbroath Jobcentre management called police to stop him representing a vulnerable jobseeker. Tony was accompanying a vulnerable woman claimant, who suffers from severe dyslexia and literacy problems. The claimant, D, had been signed up to the Universal Job Match (UJM), the computerised job search system, and was being forced to complete five job searches per day, the pressure of which had led to her having several panic attacks.  Tony proposed that D’s UJM account be closed, and that her number of job…

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#WEcan Expose The Wannabe Tory Councillor Behind The DWP’s Workfare Campaign

Keyboard warriors, in you go!

the void

After failing to become a Tory Councillor Laura-Jane Rawlings decided she was the voice of youth employment instead After failing to become a Tory Councillor Laura-Jane Rawlings decided she was the voice of youth employment instead

It’s been a humiliating week for the DWP on social media.  Yesterday hundreds of people used the hashtag #fakeDWPstories to take the piss out of the them after Welfare Weekly revealed that they were inventing case studies in support of benefit sanctions.

Whilst all this was taking place the DWP were desperately trying to rescue their #WEcan campaign which had also become a laughing stock on twitter.  This was a shabby attempt to promote unpaid work schemes, and came with a gushing press release promising that up to 12,000 young people would be posting ‘workies’ and sharing their stories of unpaid work experience.  Those 12,000 young people were supposed to come from their campaign partners Youth Employment UK (@YEUKYouth).  They never turned up.  Fucking kids eh.

At first glance Youth…

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Open letter to Families Fighting for Justice

Liverpool IWW

Dear Families Fighting For Justice,

This is an open letter to your organisation, which has been made public on the website of Liverpool Industrial Workers of the World, a trade union.

It has come to our attention that your charity makes heavy use of two of the government’s so-called ‘workfare’ programmes – the Mandatory Work Activity and the Community Work Placement schemes. As you will be aware, these schemes compel people to work for you for free over a period of six months, on pain of likely losing their benefits – and therefore their means of supporting themselves – if they refuse, or often if they are just late etc. This cruel system has contributed to many suicides nationally, as well people simply wasting away from malnutrition.

We understand that your organisation does important work, which would otherwise go undone if you were not in operation. It is crucial that…

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The Sweets taste of victory: bailiffs seen off at Sweets Way Estate

Cautiously pessimistic

Some of the people who came together to prevent an eviction today

Great news from the Sweets Way estate in North London, where direct action and solidarity prevented an eviction today. There doesn’t seem to be a full write-up available yet, but the Sweets Way Resists facebook page have reported:


The bailiffs came, the bailiffs went! They were not prepared for the show of collective power that came out in the family’s defence today!

We need to stay vigilant, but today has been a powerful reminder that even High Court bailiffs are not immune to a group of peaceful committed individuals coming together to take a stand!

Stay tuned and let us know if you can be involved in future eviction resistances and the fight to keep Mostafa’s family in their home!

Barnet Housing Action Group have uploaded this video of ITV news reporting on the action:

See here and here for more background on the story. UPDATE:

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Campaign relaunches as management break promise to negotiate

Friends House Hospitality Workers

Petition passes 1,000 signatures

More actions to come

Employment tribunal in the pipeline

After a quiet few months, our campaign is back. Why the period of silence? At the end of April we called off a large action planned for Britain Yearly Meeting (the annual conference of British Quakers), which happened to coincide with International Workers’ Day. We did this because, at the last minute, we received written confirmation that, while they still refused to negotiate with the IWW, Friends House management were willing to negotiate with Unite on all three of the sacked workers’ cases. Acting in good faith, and hoping for a resolution to over half a year of torment, we suspended our actions while negotiations were going on.

But management did not keep their word. After a few fruitless meetings with Unite they revealed their real position: despite their written commitment, managers admitted that they would not…

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