“If You Want a General Strike, Organize Your Co-Workers” Interview with Joe Burns — Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation


The following interview with Joe Burns, author of the important labor text Reviving The Strike, takes up the evergreen questions of the role of strikes and building a base within our workplaces. 2,186 more words

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Hydra Books Bristol appeal. There is no going back; there is only moving forward!

Anarchy in the Sticks!

Via Hydra Books

Dear friends,

We’re sad to have to announce that after nearly eight years on Old Market, Hydra’s lease is coming to an end on June 30. Our landlords want to redevelop the building, including the housing above Hydra Books.

BUT! This isn’t the end of Hydra. We’ve had seven years of books, gigs, community and organising and we’re going to have more. We’re investigating all our options and exploring lots of ideas for our future.

We’re hugely thankful that many of you have offered your support. So what can you do? It’s still early days and as we begin to plan, we want to know about /any/ contribution you can make to securing Hydra’s future. We’re not ruling anything out at this point; you might have skills or advice we’ve not even thought about! Any offers of help are valuable.

What if you want to help but…

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Blast from the past – Workers Inquiry like it’s 1999

Angry Workers of the World


Interviewed by friends from ‘Notes from Below’, one of us reflects with comrades about workers inquiries in call centres in the bad old 1990s. Ain’t getting younger, but the experience might still be relevant for folks today…


*** Can I start by asking why you decided to start the workers inquiry/militant research project? Why did you choose call centers?

Three aspects are worth mentioning: the limitations of the radical left and our attempt to reconnect revolutionary politics with class struggle; the experiences of militant inquiry – or conricerca – as a useful tool to do that; and call centers as the new locations of mass labor and potential workers’ struggles.

During the 1990s, the radical left in Germany integrated itself into the mainstream by despising the working class. Its focus was on building antifascist ‘democratic’ alliances and occupying moral high ground as ‘anti-Germans.’ ‘Post-modernism’, ’post-industrialism,’ and identity politics were…

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The three matrons of Dundee – and other tales of our times

scottish unemployed workers' network

Three matrons, Rhineland

The sign of a good day on the stall is absolute boredom. Last week’s stall was busier than we would have liked it to have been. Indeed, we had our first case before we had even set up the advice stall, and it was the kind of case that is all too familiar to us.

Bruce had just been released from a short prison sentence and was worried and angry in equal measure. He had just been told by Job Centre staff that he could not receive UC payments due to his lack of a bank account or photographic identification. Job Centre staff were clearly being unnecessarily difficult.

Although a bank account is required to receive UC payments, the lack of one needn’t be any barrier to setting up a UC account. All that is required is for the claimant to fill in the sort code field in the UC…

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International Women’s Day – Friday 8th March, 12 pm in Glasgow

8th march was also the start of the Russian ‘February’ revolution – the workerist one not the Bolshevik coup.

IWW Scotland Blog

IWW-womenIn honour of International Women’s Day – Friday, 8 March – a Rally and Walk of Pride will be assembling at 12 Noon in the Glasgow City Centre at the Dewar’s statue in Buchanan Street.

All are welcome to come together for singing, an open mic, a display of banners and placards, and leaflets on the history of this international holiday, and the ongoing importance of speaking out and fighting back against the twin evils of capitalism and patriarchy.

This will be followed by a Walk of Pride through George Square to the City Chambers to honour, in song and in spirit, ourselves, each other, and all lovers of liberty and equality.  Please join us as we demand respect and our rights: in our homes, our neighbourhoods, and our workplaces.

More information on this event, and the Industrial Workers of the World, is available from Clydeside IWW branch: clydeside[at]iww.org.uk


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A Feminist Critique of Marx by Silvia Federici

Interesting article on the theme of the previous post. In the interests of historical accuracy though, we must point out that Maria Ginesta was never in the Mujeres Libres!

The End of Capitalism

Silvia Federici is one of the most important political theorists alive today. Her landmark book Caliban and the Witch demonstrated the inextricable link between anti-capitalism and radical feminist politics by digging deep into the actual history of capital’s centuries-long attack on women and the body.

In this essay, originally written in 2008, she follows up on that revelation by laying out her feminist anti-capitalist vision, and how it extends beyond traditional Marxism. This piece is comprehensive – long but far-reaching. At times seeing the truth requires seeing in the dark – acknowledging the true horrors of the world as it currently is manifest.

This essay was updated and published in Silvia’s new anthology Revolution at Point Zero, and I have made a few small additional edits.  Enjoy! [alex]

The Reproduction of Labor Power in the Global Economy and the Unfinished Feminist Revolution (2011 edition)

capitalism-domestic-labor“Women’s work and women’s labor…

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AngryWorkers – Class Struggle Reading Group – 2nd of May 2019

Angry Workers of the World


At the next meeting of our class struggle reading group we want to discuss the first 33 pages of Marx’ ‘German Ideology’…

We chose the text because it can help us to understand history in order to be able to change the future. The text questions social power and oppression by showing that the power of oppressors is not something that they just have, but that their power is created…

We can also discuss if Marx’ thoughts will lead us all straight to the gulags!

The text is no easy read, we will try our best to summarise it for the discussion – so no worries if the going gets tough…

Find the PDF here: Marx_The_German_Ideology

The first four pages are the most confusing, as they are more of a rant against the Hegel hipsters who think they are the true revolutionary intellectuals. After that the text becomes quite straight…

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Cleaning up outsourcing in London, taking on Deliveroo in Manchester: late Feb round-up of class struggle news and events — Cautiously pessimistic


Posties in Bangor, Northern Ireland, and Wythenshaw, Greater Manchester, are due to walk out on Monday 25th against management bullying. Tuesday 26th is shaping up to be a busy day for self-organised workers’ struggles: in Manchester, Deliveroo riders will be striking again, while in London, outsourced workers organised through the UVW and IWGB independent unions, […]

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Bangladesh Anarcho Syndicalist Federation

You can donate to this worthy initiative by paypal, small amounts of Western currency will go a long way over there.

Anarchy in the Sticks!

Visit Bangladesh Anarcho Syndicalist Federation.
We re-read Marxism over and over, its fundamentals. But none of this helped us to better understand the failure of “socialism”. We did, however, take an interest in the revolutionaries who criticized Marxism-Leninism. This led us to read the works of many anarchists, such as Mikhail Bakunin, William Godwin, PJ Proudhon, Peter Kropotkin, Emma Goldman, Errico Malatesta, Alexander Berkman, Max Stirner, Élisée Reclus, and Noam Chomsky.

The Growth of Anarcho-Syndicalism in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh anarchist workers’ movement is less than five years old, born out of the ashes of failed Marxism-Leninism. The author of this article recalls the antecedent period in Bangladesh history where Marxism-Leninism held hegemony. This was a time of deep faith and affection for the thought of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tsetung, and Trotsky. As far as the author understands, none in the movement knew of anarchism as a political ideology…

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Talk on Ecology (and some Vegan Lasagne)

This Sunday 24th Feb

Bristol Anarchist Federation

We are entering uncharted territory as capitalism exerts ever-increasing pressure on the earth’s ecosystems. left unchecked, the current fossil fuel economy will continue to wreck the climate and the burden of the resulting problems will fall disproportionately on the working class and those living in less economically developed countries.

Can capitalism reform its way into environmental sustainability? Can aware consumers buy their way out of global warming? Will the governments of the world save us from Climate Change? Learn out surprising answers (spoiler warning: no) and discuss the reasons why, and what we can do instead!

We’ll have copies of the pamphlet that we’re basing the talk on available. If you can’t wait to get hold of it, you can download it in PDF form here.

The location is; BASE Community Co-operative, 14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JY (website)

The talk will start at 7.30, but…

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