Solidarity with Italian Co-Operative Ri-MAFLOW!

The IWW calls for solidarity with Italian workers Co-Operative Ri-MAFLOW to help it survive. We urge our members to read the below statement and do what they can to help. Share their story, donate to the cause, encourage other organizations to put out similar statements in solidarity with Ri-MAFLOW.

SOME TIME AGO, the owners of a factory in a deprived area of South West Milan dismissed all of the workers and shut down the factory. 330 people lost their jobs in one day. The factory was abandoned.

THEN, about 6 years ago some people got together and reclaimed the factory. They started a self managed co-op. They started experimenting with reusing and recycling raw materials. They built a network with local businesses to help this deprived area flourish. Together with other groups, they founded a grassroots economy and social project called FuoriMercato (Outside the Market). They employed 120 people.

NOW, the local authorities have shut Ri-MAFLOW down. Their President Massimo Lettieri was arrested and charged with criminal activities linked to unlawful waste treatment. From its start, Ri-MAFLOW has been at the forefront of experimenting with reclaiming and reusing raw materials in an ecological way. Because of this, they are now accused of playing an active part in unlawful treatment of waste materials. Their assets have been seized. Everyone has lost their job and their wages. Massimo Lettieri has been in jail for a couple of months and because he is under investigation he cannot receive any letters or messages of solidarity from outside.

SO, we encourage people to support the cause. There are some materials in English you can download from their website and share (link below). You can donate money. You can ask your activist groups, networks, organisations, to publish a statement of solidarity with Ri-MAFLOW.

London IWW film screening and discussion. Thursday 28th May 2015, all welcome.

greenwobsbadgeThe London Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) hosts an Angry Workers of the World meeting consisting of a film screening and discussion.

At the May Day Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1DH 7-9pm, Thursday 28th May, Screening Room, 1st Floor.



A brand new documentary about logistic workers’ struggles in Italy, made by friends of the AWW. It portrays the struggle of mainly migrant workers against the harsh labour regime of companies like TNT or IKEA. These struggles emerged in 2008 and have since then, not only won better conditions, but also put workers’ self-organisation back on the wider political agenda. Workers’ militants of the rank-and-file union Si Cobas talk about blockades of logistic hubs and their alliances with activists from the social centres.

The revolution in logistics

Angry Workers are a small political collective trying to understand current conditions for workers’ self-organisation and revolution. We work in warehouses and food factories and produce a small local newspaper in West-London

The IWW is a direct-democratic, worker controlled, fighting union that uses collective direct action and solidarity across trades to fight for workers and the abolition of the wage system: email London IWW