Benefit Gig for Bournemouth’s Homeless 9th December 2017

Wessex Solidarity

We intend to raise money to provide direct practical help to homeless people in Bournemouth this winter. Clothing, rucksacks, sleeping bags, female sanitation, such essentials as they may request

No charities, no mailshots, no directors with six figure salaries, comfy chairs, lunch accounts or company cars.

Four great local punk bands and reggae D.J. are doing what they do for free. Entry by donation.
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New venue required for 2018!

Anarchy in the Sticks!

Owing to the extraordinary mendacity and corrupt behaviour of the trustees of Portfield Community Hall we won’t be going back there.

We’re looking for a suitable venue in Dorset with good public transport, disabled access, and ideally room for the afterparty at the same location, as it will be the same handful of people setting up both events.

Please let us know if you’ve got any ideas. We’re looking at Dorchester, whi is served by rail but not so easy by road (and the bus service is pitiful) so we’d appreciate people’s views before we make plans.

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Brighton Deliveroo wildcat: a full report

Cautiously pessimistic

The Transnational Social Strike site has just posted up a report and analysis of the weekend’s wildcat strike by Brighton Deliveroo riders. The same author also wrote a piece looking at how Deliveroo struggles have spread across Europe, which I’d not seen until now. As previously mentioned, you can help people in your town and city make contact with these struggles by printing or ordering a few copies of the Rebel Roo bulletin and passing them to Deliveroo riders on your way home.

On Saturday night, over fifty Deliveroo workers in Brighton stopped work. The wildcat strike was organised through rank and file networks and led by migrant workers. They are demanding stable, decent wages – and using new tactics to increase their leverage. ‘We have to fight or else they f** us’, one striking rider said. ‘There is no other option’.

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Amazon workers are fighting back

The South Essex Stirrer - Archive

Amazon workers blocking the street in Berlin on Black Friday

Striking Amazon workers outside a distribution facility in Leipzig

Our previous post: Dark, Satanic warehouses… looked at the appalling working conditions staff at the Amazon distribution facility in Tilbury have to endure. The question is, do they have to suffer these conditions or can they fight back? On Black Friday, in Germany and Italy, workers at Amazon distribution facilities took strike action against the company as part of their fight for better pay and conditions: Amazon German, Italian workers protest on Black Friday, dubbed ‘Strike Friday’

Unlike the UK, it would seem that the unions in continental Europe still have a reasonable understanding of what their function is, namely fighting for the interests of their workers. The problem about the mainstream unions here in the UK is that they don’t want to rock the boat as…

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New Deliveroo wildcat in Brighton, and other workplace stories for late November

Update on imprisoned/extradited Polish anti-fascist Patryk Cichoń

Cautiously pessimistic

From Brighton ABC:

“After first month in Polish jails that was heavy and depressing, Patryk feels much better. He had been moved to a 3-man cell and his cell mates are ok, plus he is soon going to start work which will help him kill time and can positively impact his parole hearing. He is allowed 2 visits a month and one 5 minute phone call a week. There is however no limit on the amount of letters Patryk can receive and they are obviously very important for him. He is in the process of sorting out small DVD player with a screen, so he is asking people to send him films and music on DVDs.

Comrades in Poland are going to pay some money into his prison fund so he can buy stuff from the prison shop and they are sorting out books and magazines for him.


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