Cable street celebration 2016.

On the 09/10/2016 I went to London for the 80th anniversary of the battle of Cable street and was very pleased to see no signs of fascists as well as a very discreet police presence. Antifa were as always a very visible and noisy affair, letting off thunder flashes and smoke, marching through the streets of London to Cable street whilst chanting so as far as PR goes did themselves proud.

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I did not stay around for the rally as I had little interest in listening to the political class ranting so instead myself and a London Postal Comrade took the opportunity to go to the freedom bookshop and I would recommend anyone who has never been to try to go.

In Solidarity Les

See you at Tolpuddle! 15th to 17th July 2016.

tolpDorset GMB will be on the IWW stall at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival this coming weekend, why not stop by for a chat? We will also be supporting the Radical Workers’ Bloc on Sunday’s march. Check out FW Les’ Wob Kitchen next to the RWB tent on the campsite, free/donations, first come first served.

An open letter to John Harris, photographer, from a participant in the Radical Workers’ Bloc at Tolpuddle.

Dorset IWW supports the Radical Workers’ Bloc.

Wessex Solidarity

We would like to point out that these comments are in no way related to John Harris Photography of Norfolk.

Stick with horses head handleBackground:

Those who were at last year’s Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival may recall an attack on the Radical Workers’ Bloc stall. The RWB is an annual celebration of class struggle anarchism focussing on Sunday’s march. For the past two years a collective of libertarian groups has manned a stall acting as a meeting point and a distro for literature and other items for which we will accept donations in the hope of covering our costs. We don’t actually sell anything ourselves although we’ve carried stock for our comrades of Freedom Books, Hunt Saboteurs Association, Anti Fascist Network and Solidarity Federation, the proceeds from which went directly to those bodies.

Insofar as any transaction takes place, it is between the bloc’s supporters and South West TUC who provide us with…

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