Stop the retaliatory abuse against Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson now!

Cautiously pessimistic

An appeal in support of US prison organiser Kevin “Rashid” Johnson:

Dear Comrades, Friends and Supporters,

I am writing this to inform you of recent events that have transpired involving Kevin “Rashid” Johnson. As many of you already know, Rashid was made a target of abusive and retaliatory practices back in May for publicizing the dangerous, inhumane and unsanitary conditions that prisoners were faced with amid a global health crisis at Pendleton Correctional Facility, where he is currently being detained. These conditions included but were not limited to inadequate food and nutrition, lack of any PPE, lack of cleaning supplies to disinfect their cells in attempts to control the spread of the virus, and COVID-19 positive prisoners being housed among those who were not infected etc.

After leading a hunger strike with the participation of close to 200 prisoners during its height and penning several articles in response to…

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