KSN Jin: Solidarity with the women of Bakur

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

Solidarity statement from the women’s movement in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England to the women’s movement of Bakur, northern Kurdistan.

We will not bow before their fascist mentality, we will strengthen our struggle and assure the release of our activists Kongra Star

Once again the world’s media stood silent after yet another attack by the fascist Turkish state and its ruling AKP party on the free women of this world. In the early hours of yesterday morning, the 15th July 2020, armed police raided a number of houses in Amed in the Kurdistan region of Turkey (Bakur) arresting several women journalists and activists. Amongst those arrested was Ayse Gokhan,a friend of Kurdistan Solidarity Network Wales, Ireland, Scoland and England. Many of you may remember hearing Ayse’s voice in the second seminar of our ‘Lessons from the Rojava Revolution’ education series.  Just this weekend, she participated as part of a…

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