Low wages, long hours, management bullies: Nothing can be done?! – Something is being done! 

Angry Workers of the World

D79CCBEC-1013-432E-858B-667D0A5BE838_w1023_r1_sExamples from Adelie in Southall, Royal Mail in Greenford, Sofology in Park Royal and XPO/House of Fraser in Milton Keynes

People reading the short reports in WorkersWildWest no.7 might think:

“Yeah, all they do is complain. If you don’t like it, you can find another job.”
“Things are bad, but that’s how things are.”
“You would need all workers to stick together, but that will never happen.”
“I would do something, but no one else will.”

We hear this a lot.

We also see people looking for so-called ‘experts’ to help them.

“Perhaps a lawyer could use the law to improve our situation”.
“The politicians will raise the minimum wage again”.
“We need journalists and the media to write about us!”.

What we don’t hear much about is groups of workers taking steps together to show management that they’ve had enough. We don’t hear about this, because it happens behind…

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