Recycling workers wildcat over safety in East London

Cautiously pessimistic

The Notes From Below site has put up a detailed report from the Orion recycling plant in East London, where workers have gone out on a wildcat strike over unsafe conditions. Reading the whole thing is recommended, but here’s an extract:

At 9.30am on Wednesday morning, 15 workers confronted the site manager. They demanded immediate changes to working conditions to make the plant safe – or else they would walk off the job and begin a wildcat strike. The site manager told them to fuck off, grabbed one of the key organisers and tried to push him about, then threatened to sack them all. By 11am all 15 workers walked out into the rain. Within minutes, the conveyor belts had stopped, the plant was closed, and the boss was out in the yard, negotiating in broken Spanish. The transition from contacting the union to beginning strike action had taken…

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