Monday 15th June: Further day of action in support of sacked ESOL teacher

Cautiously pessimistic

From the IWW:

Promise Training Centre, an English academy with centres in Hayes, Harrow and Tottenham sacked Daniela at the beginning of the lockdown without any compensation, leaving her with no income at all. Promise is a subcontractor for Barnet and Southgate College, which directly supervises the performance of the teachers and the centres in general. As such, they are responsible for the work conditions at Promise.

Our previous call outs towards Promise resulted in them reporting the union to the police, so it’s more important than ever to put pressure on Promise and Barnet College. We have informed the College of how Daniela has been mistreated by Promise, but they haven’t taken any action to address this with Promise. Barnet College must drop the contract with Promise unless the latter pays Daniela a month’s wage of compensation and the corresponding holiday pay.  Pay Daniela her dues!

You can…

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