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Image: Person carrying IWW flag outside Lidl store

Members of the Garment workers union in Bangladesh owed wages & benefits started an indefinite siege of the factory owner’s house from the 30thof August.

A hunger march had been held.

The Garment workers are linked to the International Confederation of labour which links revolutionary unions like the CNT in Spain, USI in Italy, FORA in Argentina and IWW in North America.

Solidarity pickets have been held outside chain stores with contracts with the Dragon Sweater owners in Dhaka.

The stench of bad publicity has caused Primark, Next, Zara & New Yorker to drop the label. ASDA have denied any current link. LIDL refuse to answer.

A month long campaignkicked off in Derry, Dublin & other IWW groups in Ireland.

(See for more…)

Image: cat looking intently at campaign t-shirt and leaflets

On the 23rdClydeside IWW members…

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