Addressing coronavirus scepticism

Well this really is a case of “your guess is as good as mine”. The problem of course is that the situation is literally being ‘managed’ by an elite, spectacularly unqualified for the task, who serve the interests of a microscopic fraction of the population. If you were eligible to vote in the last election, a privilege denied many of our class, there is only a one in four* chance you selected this lot as your least worst option, so talk of “rules”, “government guidelines” and such is counter-productive. We don’t pay these people to “give us instructions” or “send us messages”, they are supposed to administer the infrastructure to our convenience but since they cannot serve two masters they serve the class enemy. Democracy simply isn’t possible under capitalism.

* Across the UK, probably much less in Scotland.

You can’t ask people to behave responsibly on one hand and devolve their decision-making to a third party on the other. Better the politicians had backed out at the start and left it to people we might have listened to. Instead they are just “kicking the tyres”, making up arbitrary regulations off the cuff without evidence to back them up, and no-one believes in it. Every development has taken the political class and healthcare profession by surprise and no one can say for sure whether a particular measure is beneficial or not.

“Lockdown” and “Furlough” are prison terminology, and stem from the idea that prisoners have no agency; they do not ‘own’ themselves, their time or their creative and productive abilities. In the USA, incarceration was an extension of chattel slavery as permitted by the thirteenth amendment; in the UK it came from the custom of holding a person hostage pending payment of a debt. Revolutionary proletarians should not accept any such practices.

Lastly, scientists are like plumbers, there are good ones and bad ones, and government advisers are political appointees, Patrick Vallance is a major shareholder in a drugs company, alongside the oil and arms trade these are the most venal and exploitative of businesses. And by the way, scepticism is central to the scientific method, a hypothesis that cannot be disproved is considered worthless, so the first thing you do is look for evidence to contradict it. So it’s perfectly possible to critique anything we are told and ridicule the governments’ haphazard policies without either ignoring the realities of the disease or peddling quack remedies for it. As for breaking the law, I don’t know about you but I’ve been doing it all my life and the very few acts I have to be proud of were mostly illegal.

Agree with the last part; we must act as a class and put our class forward in all things, but above all take informed responsibility for ourselves, can we ask people who are afraid to do so to take on the enemy?

scottish unemployed workers' network

Since the summer, there has been a worrying growth of scepticism about the coronavirus. There have been claims that it is a manufactured, elite conspiracy, designed to control an increasingly fearful population. For some folk, the wearing of a medical mask equates to a fundamental attack on civil liberties and spells the doom of the much vaunted ‘western way of life’. Quite why wearing a cover over your face to prevent the spread of germs is tantamount to authoritarianism has never been properly explained by the coronavirus sceptics, but that is their position.

There is, however, an even more worrying position taken by other covid sceptics: coronavirus is real, but it has been over-hyped by the media and government, and it is not as dangerous as ‘they’ claim. Much of the coronavirus sceptic drive has come from the alt-right and groups like Q Anon, but there is a worrying trend…

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