D.I.Y. CULTURE #7 – Online COVID-19 Crisis Special

D.i.Y.Culture #7 – Online Pandemic Special is now available to view/download

Please share far and wide.

In this issue: Curfew in the Philippines, thoughts on Mayday from Ruth Kinna, the role of government during a national crisis from Carne Ross, turning words into action from Tomás Ibáñez, a restrained piece on celebrity culture from Dr Lisa Mckenzie, can the movement make hay from the Lockdown by the Whitechapel Anarchist, 4 pages from Gata Negra in Valencia, Artwork from the Slow Burning Fuse, and a report from Vipera of the Moscow Anarchists. There are also contributions from anarchist care/NHS-workers, tube workers, education workers and an anarchist barista in Amsterdam – so get your teeth into a small slice, the virtual cake of liberty. If you’ve got ideas for contributions/articles/images/videos/etc for #8, then don’t be shy.

Somehow, all of the rage and revelation that Covid-19 has unleashed, has to be transferred…

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