The Hell-Raiser of Justice: Mother Jones

Stories of Her

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Once described as the ‘most dangerous woman in America’, Mother Jones was a self-confessed hell-raiser of social justice, causing a storm just about wherever she went. In the 19th century, the world of labour activism didn’t sound all too glamourous, but for Mary, her strident and fierce determination to push for a better world was a risk worth taking. Whilst it put a target on her back, she never stopped her crusade. Born in Ireland, there really weren’t too many people around like her. This is the story of a notorious and radical woman who made a noise and demanded to be heard….


August 1st, 1837. We’re in County Cork, Ireland. But not for very long. It was then Mary was born, moving to Toronto, Canada at the age of five with her family. She grew up to become a teacher in Michigan, then…

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