Trans Pride 2019

Red and Black Leeds

Picture of our banner, kindly taken by @bombshellroodi on Instagram.

On the 31st of March members of RABL attended the Trans Pride march in Leeds. There was a really good turnout and it was a lovely day.

We used this opportunity to argue that in a capitalist society, the bulk of issues effecting trans people disproportionately harmed working class trans people and making transphobia a largely working class issue. We did this by distributing a leaflet, written by trans members of RABL which drew inspiration from articles by Shon Faye and Sadie Cash.

A5 copy of the leaflet given out at Trans Pride.

We would encourage any groups who find this leaflet useful to use it for themselves. Anarchist positions rarely seem to extend beyond trans inclusivity and other groups seem sceptical about discussing anything that might be deemed “identity politics”, and in our opinion this leaflet bridges this…

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