Rent strikes are on the rise, again.

Red and Black Leeds

From the NUS website.

Last Monday, over 150 students at Bristol University started a rent strike in the face of increasingly unaffordable rents. This was organised by Bristol Cut the Rent, with similar campaigns being fought around the country for the past few years. At University College London, a prolonged rent strike in 2017 led to concessions of around £1.4 million. Since October groups have been set up in King’s College London, Liverpool, Sheffield and York. Rent Strike, the national network of Cut the Rent groups, provide a detailed account of this movement on their website.

But what exactly is a rent strike and what’s it got to do with people living outside of University? Rent strikes are simply when tenants collectively withhold their rent, accompanied by a series of demands for their landlord(s). Before a rent strike begins a local Tenant’s association is likely to be…

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