Not a single wheel can turn: Further thoughts on organising and mobilising in the “gig” economy

New Syndicalist

The below article describes my attempts helping to organise Deliveroo riders in Manchester for their second strike. You can read my earlier article here on how we organised our first strike. Since our strike on Valentine’s Day, riders in Dublin had been on strike over similar issues, as well as concerns over health and safety, after a video of a Dublin Deliveroo rider being attacked on the street went viral earlier that week. I hope the lessons I’ve learned and noted here can be of help in your organising, or encourage you to take that first step in building power for working people. If they have, get in touch – we all need all the help we can get!

After the first strike:

After the first strike there was a real change in nature of the Whatsapp group chat riders co-ordinate on.The tone of conversation was more mature and focused…

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