AngryWorkers – Class Struggle Reading Group – 2nd of May 2019

Angry Workers of the World


At the next meeting of our class struggle reading group we want to discuss the first 33 pages of Marx’ ‘German Ideology’…

We chose the text because it can help us to understand history in order to be able to change the future. The text questions social power and oppression by showing that the power of oppressors is not something that they just have, but that their power is created…

We can also discuss if Marx’ thoughts will lead us all straight to the gulags!

The text is no easy read, we will try our best to summarise it for the discussion – so no worries if the going gets tough…

Find the PDF here: Marx_The_German_Ideology

The first four pages are the most confusing, as they are more of a rant against the Hegel hipsters who think they are the true revolutionary intellectuals. After that the text becomes quite straight…

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