WWI: Remember the Dead, Remember Those Who Resisted

IWW Scotland

Today, 11th November, is the 100th anniversary of the 1918 armistice which ended the First World War. More than ever, the build-up to Remembrance Day has been used to push a pro-militarist agenda, and attack dissenting views. It pushes ‘patriotism’ and ignores class, gender, race, disability and other sources of power and inequality.

We mourn the millions of soldiers on both sides who were deceived or forced into fighting, particularly those who lost their lives or were injured.  We mourn the millions of civilians who were injured or killed.  We mourn the millions of people on both sides who continued to suffer after the war, often from post traumatic stress, generally without receiving the support they needed.  We mourn for all the young working class people who suffered the guilt of being forced to kill others just like them or build armaments to support the ‘war effort’.   We condemn the ruling class on both sides…

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