Dear SNP: The Past Misdemeanours of Labour and Union Leaders are not the Concern of Women on Strike Today

IWW Scotland Blog

This was written by a Dundee Wobbly (in personal capacity) on 24th October – the second day of the Glasgow women’s equal pay strike. 


There are 8,000 women on strike in Glasgow today demanding equal pay. They are spread across three trade unions, each of whose balloted members provided a support rate of between 90% and 98%. The dispute stretches back to 2006, when Glasgow City Council – led by a Labour administration – made a purported attempt to eliminate gender pay inequality by introducing a “Workforce Pay and Benefits Review”. However, the resulting changes actually discriminated against women workers, given that:

  1. a payment protection arrangement for men was not extended to women;
  2. those working over 37 hours qualified for extra payments, but most women (70% of the workforce) worked fewer than 35 hours; and
  3. workers in female-dominated roles, e.g. home care, received much less than those in broadly equivalent…

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