West-London Solidarity Network – Steps towards local working-class self-defence – An update

Angry Workers of the World

p048ggd1Self-defence against bosses, migration police, racist scumbags and other enemies of the working-class doesn’t fall from the sky. Weekly drop-ins and individual support are first necessary steps – and they can be laborious. If you live in London and want to get involved in our west-London solidarity network or want to set up your own network, please get in touch.



We have written a longer article about the general aims of the network and our experiences so far which can be found here:


The following article is an update about stuff we did during the last six months. It is also written on the background of our West-London IWW workplace organising campaign that took place in winter 2017/2018. This effort slightly overstretched external supporters who had to travel to the western suburbs from remote places of London. In order to sustain a longer campaign we need a…

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