Some interesting views on Brexit:)

The South Essex Heckler - Archive

In the wake of the march for a People’s Vote on Brexit that took place in London on Saturday 20th October, we’d like to reproduce the following observations from three trusted comrades…


As I watched the legions of the middle-classes file past me yesterday in central London, the overwhelming sensation was not that these people with their ‘witty’ placards, cared about the migrants drowning in the Aegean Sea (marching incidentally, with the the very politicians that voted for the wars that caused the ‘migrant crisis’), or that they gave a toss about the mass of unemployed youth in the poorer regions of Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece; they didn’t seem to give a fuck that there are vast areas of the UK that have been left a barren wasteland by Neo-Liberalism and asset-stripping by the EU, or that wages for most people in this country have been…

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