Two jobs with one stone – Reports about working at London Linen and Skinny Bakery in west London

Angry Workers of the World


A friend of ours summarised his experiences about working at two west London workplaces as a temporary worker…

*** The City’s dirty sheets…

I worked in an industrial laundrette called London Caterer Linen in Southall. The company employs several hundred people, including the delivery drivers. While workers are paid barely more than the minimum wage, they clean the spunky sheets, dirty tablecloths and sweaty towels of some seriously rich people and corporations: the Royal Palace in Windsor, Harrods, the Sun News, the Financial Times and hotels like the Holiday Inn, Marriott, and Sheraton. They even had a special order for the Royal Wedding in May 2018. The company delivers linen to various locations in the south of England.

All workers are of foreign background, some from Eastern Europe and some from South Asia. There are slightly more women than men.  I saw only one white English lady who was the head manager of…

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