Bashing’s back: Do something about it.

Anti-Fascist Network

By Berkshire Antifascists

It’s a really tense time for Muslims. In June last year, during Taraveh prayers (part of Ramadhan), there was a fatal attack against Muslims praying at Finsbury Park mosque. This weekend in Leeds, a mosque and Gurdwara were subject to an arson attack after a Free Tommy march. The incidents are too many to name, but the fear in the community is real. While Muslims look at the final stretch before Eid, we need to be actively supporting them and confronting a fascism that bought up to 10,000 people out in London this Saturday gone.

Turns out, racism is really complex. We’ve got state racism, street groups, conspiracy theory loons, political groups and much more to deal with. They target a multitude of people, from Jewish to Black, Muslim to general-hatred-of-non-white-people. Here, let’s talk specifically about Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims. This is not to erase Black Muslims…

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