WorkersWildWest no.7 – A west-London workers’ paper

Angry Workers of the World

www7Click here for PDF: WWW7

Issue no.7 of our local workers’ newspaper – find two articles below, for remaining articles see PDF above.


Sainsbury’s Superstore, Ladbroke Grove, Nightshift worker
“The guys on the older contracts were called in by management and it was announced that they will cut our break time during nightshift. People were angry, but then also scared to do something. Some weeks later the Sainsbury’s higher-up management announced that they will reduce the number of store managers by more than half.”

Brakes, Premier Park, Park Royal, Warehouse worker
“I work on night-shift. Workers do voice- controlled pick in ambient, chiller and freezer. You have to wear a head-set and a computer voice tells you what to pick. The pick-rate has been increased from 160 to 170 pieces per hour recently. We are paid around £11 for nights.”

24-hour Asda supermarket…

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