Thurrock bin workers standing up to ‘Big Brother’

We’d like to hear from any bin workers in our area who are having problems with management.

The South Essex Stirrer - Archive

Bin workers at Thurrock Council are set to strike in protest at the installation of cameras on the refuse trucks which will livestream 360 degree images to the manager’s desk. It would appear that not only will the cameras monitor the workers, they could also be used to look at the homes of residents for any possible infringements of bin etiquette. This is coming on top of management not listening to the concerns of workers which has lead to a decline in morale. See here for the full story: Bin collectors in Thurrock to strike over ‘big brother style cameras’.

The signal the council are sending out with installation of cameras is that not only are the workers not to be trusted, it’s residents who can’t be trusted either. When every function a worker performs has to be monitored and recorded on a continuous basis, it inevitably leads to…

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