The 10th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair! 12th May 2018

Anarchy in the Sticks!

City Academy, Russel Town Avenue, Bristol, BS5 9JH

We have seen the future, friends! It consists of a world where beasts of all shapes, sizes and colours happily roam the lands together, where creatures morph their bodies at will and freely celebrate their gender identity. Work is abolished on this world, and the ashes that formerly made up today’s prisons and banks are used to fertilise plants that grow vegan burgers and chips!

Right now it’s 2018 and capitalism continues to rage like the venomous monster it is, and everyday we are bombarded with tales of the carnage that it creates. Thankfully, amongst this carnage, amazing creatures all over the world are rearing their heads, defying the state and fighting the hierarchies that oppress them. Come to Bristol on May 12th for the 10th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair to hear about other beings’ struggles and gather the skills and knowledge needed…

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