Open letter : Stand against transphobia

feminists against transphobia

As feminists of Bristol we stand together against transphobia.  The forthcoming ‘Woman’s Place’ event on the 8th February does not recognise all women as women –  specifically, it excludes trans women – and as such it is transphobic.

The event publicity says it will discuss the Gender Recognition Act but the publicity, its implied narratives, and the line up of speakers serve to exclude, harm and deny a voice to the very women that are most directly affected. This Act is important for the safety and well-being of all trans people and replaces a medicalised, difficult, expensive and slow bureaucratic system with one that gives all people the right to self-identify their legal gender.

This excellent article answers many of the issues concerning the actual implication of the proposed Gender Recognition Act. In Ireland, where the legislation changed in 2015, the experience of the feminist community has been very positive…

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